August 1st, 2007

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Just A Little Game (Fanfic!)

Here's my third fanfic.

TITLE: Just A Little Game
RATING: M (for a bit of minor cursing... XP)
SUMMARY: Brigadier General Mustang and his subordinates take a vacation on the beach!
PAIRINGS: Royai, a bit of Edwin.
WARNINGS: Post movie... that's it.
ANYTHING ELSE? Please, please review!! This was conceptualized when we were having PE class... :D And please, forgive me for some minor typos and inconsistencies. I'm cramming for an exam...

“Honestly… was it really necessary that I came along on this vacation? I don’t like the idea of being around General Sarcasm for a week, even if it’s on the beach.”
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FMA fanfiction

Title: Virus
Author: esteltinuviel
Pairing: Ed x military (implied: Ed x Roy, Ed x Grand, Ed x Hakuro, Ed x Bradley, Ed x Kimbley)
Genre: romance (dub con and non con), drama, angst
Rating: R (for heavily alluded to sexuality) and very mature issues
Words: 1801
Spoilers/Warnings: non con, dub con, implied bondage, loose morals, real life issues (STDS)
Summary: There's one way to get what you need in the military, Ed learns: spread your legs.

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I don't know whether this is a normal occourence in this place, but my lack of people who want to RP with me is like, making me want to sob. xD

So, I was wondering - Is there anyone out there who would perhaps like to RP an Ed/Roy situation?

I'm looking for someone who would happily play the role of Edward, whilst I took the ever wonderful Colonel Mustang. I don't mind what kind of time it's from, though I am open to change from canon, say perhaps after the movie and somehow Ed's back in Amestris, or just plain old Ed from the series, or the manga and Roy.

Uh, Yeah... If anyone has any other suggestions, or you'd be interested... just IM me on AIM? I'm 'Kairo Ollie'.