July 27th, 2007

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Title: Begging and Pleading
There was always something hungry and just a bit dangerous in his eyes when he made these "appointments" with me, but there was something else there that day.
Characters: Ed and Roy; Ed's POV
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Current Ed/Winry (with mention of Roy/Riza) looking back on past Roy/Ed; bondage-gone-wrong.
Disclaimer A: If I owned FMA then I wouldn't be poor and this wouldn't be fanfic.

Disclaimer B: The thoughts/opinions/sentiments/what-have-you expressed in this fic in no way shape or form express the thoughts/opinions/sentiments of the author. This is a series set in turn-of-the-century Western Europe; views of homosexuality were Not So Nice back then. Opinions in this fic towards it are, therefore, historically accurate and also a plot device, so please not to be complaining to me about how omgwrong I am for thinking homosexuality is evil. Because I don't. And I will laugh at you and point you to every other one of my fics.
Seriously, why would I be writing it if I thought that, people, come on.

( Fake cut to the almost smexing. )
JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

[Bases] 50 FMA Bases part 16 (#751-800)

Hey, it´s been a while!!! (^-^)/

I bring you another batch of FMA bases.
These are from episode 13. Some of them were sharpened, all of them are "re-colored".

And remember!
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(And far, far awaaaaay~ *sing* ♪)

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Fic - "You've Got a Long Way to Go", Royai (ch. 4 & 5)

X-posted EVERYWHERE. XD Sorry for the friends page flood.

You've Got a Long Way to Go
Author: Yours truly
Characters/Pairings: Roy and Riza - and yes, Royai ^_^
Rating: T/PG-13
Spoilers: Chapter 58 of the manga and above, but no spoilers for anime or movie.
Summary: What role will Riza fulfill in Roy's dream of becoming a great alchemist? What were they like as kids? Covers events starting from their first meeting and possibly ending with Roy's alchemy exam.
# of chapters: 5 (so far)

Fourth chapter // Mr. Hawkeye meets his future protégé, who is apparently also a piano prodigy.

Fifth chapter // Four chapters later, Riza and Roy meet again during Roy's 11th birthday party.

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I has a karot!

Remember the Philosopher's stone?

I figured it was about time to share what I've been up to since I posted that little gem to the community. Over the past 2 months I've been working on something that is of rather mammoth proportions (17 feet long and 5 feet tall is rather mammoth in my book for this sort of thing). The project is slowly getting together and will be making its debut at AWA 13 (September 21-23).

I know a few of you were wondering back then what it was that I was keeping a secret, and now to you I present this (which is still being worked on as I type this up):

Just the head of the True Form (click to see a larger image)

Yes I know it is not finished yet, but it is getting there. For anyone who is going to AWA 13, keep an eye out for a manga Envy cosplayer carrying around True Form. If you wish to keep tabs on the project as it unfolds, I post progress pictures and such in my personal journal for all to see.

And as a reminder for those who do not remember what Manga envy's true for looks like, take a gander at the reminder

Selling a bunch of FMA goods at my selling journal

If anyone is interested, I'm selling pretty much my entire Full Metal Alchemist collection over at my selling journal ryunosales

Items are:
Shirtless Ed figure
Shitajiki/Clear files
Roy Mustang Flame Alchemist Gloves

Ed figure and Gloves in this post
8 Shitajiki/clear files, and 1 sticker book
Full Metal Alchemist japanese import artbook in this post
Full Metal Alchemist posters
Full Metal Alchemist english manga volumes 1-2 in this post

I accept CC-Pay pal and Money Orders : ) If you're interested, leave a comment here in this post, at my selling journal or E-mail me at Hydra_Marusumi@hotmail.com
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