July 18th, 2007

◢YUKI◣ ೋ pensive ॐ

Multi-Fandom Crack~ RP

Turns out a vortex opened up in all of the fandom worlds! (No Kingdom Hearts reference. XD.) It took all the charcters from their beds and dumped them into this "other world". It seems like they all managed to land pretty much nearby each other, but honestly, there's no telling what might have happened.
As of now everyone is still asleep, but they shall soon wake up and find out that there really isn't a way for them to get back. They will discover that friends, enemies, and some majorly strange characters also ended up with them.

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[This is a very awesome and active RP community~ We're currently looking for more characters, preferably from Fullmetal Alchemist~ (Winry is loved! Hughes would be good, too since Elysia is all alone D:)~ So come check it out~! We promise you'll have fun!]