July 10th, 2007

Heiderich - Oh noes

[fic] "At the Very Ports We Blow" (Premovie fic, R)

Title: At the Very Ports We Blow
Author: cryogenia
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13 to R
Spoiler level: Post-series, pre-movie; spoilers only if you don't know who Alfons Heiderich is

Summary: Edward Elric, aged 16 years and change, has made his way to the University of Munich where he faces a new challenge - in the eerily familiar face of his peer and colleague, Alfons Heiderich. Both are studying the fascinating new field of rocketry, both are excited and ambitious about their project. There's just one problem...the two of them are expected to get along.

Chapter 1 - The Effect of Impact on Stationary Objects
Chapter 2 - The Seed of the Fire
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[fic] Sit Vis Tecum - Chapter Seven

Title: Sit Vis Tecum -- Chapter Six
Author: c_b_syndrome, aka fractured_chaos, aka Heathenesque, aka LJ Harris
Rating: PG13 this chapter - R overall
Spoiler Warning: Even though it's seriously A/U... Yes
Other Warnings: Depends on how easily squicked you are... it -is- CSI, after all.

The victim's head had exploded from within, there was a tank of some mysterious red substance in the basement, and an animal that looked suspiciously like a cross between a dog and a human... This was NOT your typical Miami crime-scene and Horatio Caine was going to get to the bottom of this. But neither he, nor the Vegas CSIs could possibly prepare themselves for -this- trip down the rabbit hole.

A/N: Yeah, I know... it's kinda short. Hopefully y'all will still enjoy the chapter, though.

CSI:/CSI: Miami/Fullmetal Alchemist A/U Crossover

All current chapters can be found here:
Prologue // Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four // Chapter Five // Chapter Six

"This is your pilot speaking. It's a balmy 87 degrees at 7:21 pm, as we take off from beautiful Area 51 and we will reach Miami in approximately 8 hours. Just in time to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean, for those of you who will still be awake then. Please keep your trays in the upright position and observe all seat-belt and no smoking signs. Thank you for flying Alchemy Air --and now for your entertainment and to make the flight go faster, some music..."
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"Poker Face" (Al x Scieszka) Gift Fic

This was a gift fic for tiptoeinthesnow. She deserves so much more because of the awesome art she has done, but I hope she enjoys this humble little fic.

Title: Poker Face
Pairing: Al x Scieszka
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Take it all
Warnings/Notes: This is slightly AU, veering off from about episode 49 or so. Assumes the movie didn’t happen. He did get his body back, and he is 18, not 14.

Al stared at the cards, intently studying the intricate swirls of the color on the two jacks that he held.
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Title: By Sound Alone
Fandom: FMA
Setting: Manor house
Characters: Ed, Riza
Pairings: Ed, Riza
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gunfire!
Author's Notes: This is the next prompt for smut_69's fic challenge. It's a challenge in of itself! This row all about Riza and Edward. The last three prompts will be connected/related as one fic.
Word Count:541
Status: Incomplete

Prompt: Blindfold
table prompt here

(The wind was blowing in a northeasterly direction, kissing the side of her cheek.)