July 3rd, 2007


Hate plagiarism?

EDIT: So I just found out he removed all "his" deviations and posted a "I have to leave this sorry place cuz I'm tired of being accused" message. But judging by what he wrote about being wrongly accused because other's are actually stealing "his" work, this guy hasn't learned a thing :/ this is however a small victory for artists everywhere, thx guys for your help too =)

I found this guy's deviantart gallery and it's full of stolen (Hagaren) fanart from Japanese sites. I commented on his page and suggested he remove them but instead he hid my comment XD I already reported a few of the pics with links to the original sites but I have lost links for other pics I recognize from other fansites. If you guys know some of the pics/sites please do help to stop this guy from masquerading around like an artist =)

Bard/Edward and gen fic

Title: Night and Day
Pairing: one-sided Bard(or Bald)/Edward
Warnings: maybe some slight spoilers and squick, sexual content
A/N: Thanks as always to kageotogi for beta'ing.  *^____^*
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He hated that snarky little bitch.

Night and Day )


Title: Dark of the Night
Characters: Edward, Alphonse
Warnings: Dark content, slight spoilers
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Edward couldn't breathe.

free fall

[Fan Fic] A Game for Children - PG-13 (T), Envy, character study

Title: A Game for Children
Genre: general, character study
Rating: PG-13 (T) for language
Word Count: 500 or so
Summary: Envy does regret killing that talkative Lieutenant Colonel, but hardly for the reasons most would hope.
Notes Tribute to Hughes’ death. Sorta. Envy-centic. I’m a bad person. :P Written mainly to practice writing Envy, because I want to know more about him. And the only way I’ll discover anything is by making him show me.

Edward fucking Elric has tried to shove the fact hat revenge is a child’s motive down everyone’s throats for far too long. For once, Envy agrees: the wailing bitch should have shot her precious Daddy.

Constructive criticism is savory!