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01 July 2007 @ 04:37 am
This week on the adultswim.com Video On Demand, FMA wraps up its glorious 26-week (or so) run with Episode 51, "Laws and Promises". This episode has only been shown on Cartoon Network exactly twice thus far; once during the first-run finale in March 2006, and again much later in November 2006.

And just in time, like clockwork, FMA returns to [adult swim] to begin a new lap starting this coming late Monday/early Tuesday at 1:30am and 4:00am (ET/PT) with Episode 1, "Those Who Challenge The Sun". FMA will be shown once through, late Monday-Friday/early Tuesday-Saturday at those two times, with two exceptions: July 6/7 and September 4/5.

And because I'm bored, here's the rundown...Collapse )

After September 12, FMA restarts another lap with Episodes 1 and 2, but the run ends there. In its place starting September 17, is another Classic TV series, Cowboy Bebop. (Yes, they're holding off Bebop a few months longer instead of doing the Sunday at 5am thing.)

In the meantime, spend your summer nights with a (short) blond guy and a big metal dude with FMA. Or at least set those VCRs and TiVos if you don't already have the DVDs. :)
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Jacqueline Miller (Kenshinkyo)
01 July 2007 @ 11:01 am
Erie Anime Experience will be hosting a family feud.
This will be Anime Family Feud with anime questions.
This will be for the Mini Skirt Army and the Risembool Rangers to compete.
We will be giving out prizes for this and the wining side will get an award to display on their Official web site.
All we need now is for the Skirts and Rangers to pick the people who will get a stage to play the game.
01 July 2007 @ 12:55 pm

THe "warming up the pencils" continues with two more enlargements.
Ed  Eleric and Maes Huges.

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The Icon Alchemist
01 July 2007 @ 08:56 pm
Title: True Story - Chapter One
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Notes: Sequel to Better Living Through Alchemy. Spellchecked but unbeta'd as of yet. Thanks to midnightbanshee and cryogenia for yet more hand holding and convincing me that a trilogy is the best. I had my doubts. Dedicated to another couple of nameless people who also helped me decided to go for it. They make my fandom life so interesting.

( Sweet she rocks and sweet she rolls )
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This is a gift fic for inuyashanohime. I hope you like it!

Title: A Date with Sunflowers
Pairing: Ed x Scieszka
Rating: PG
Prompt: Flowers
Warnings/Notes: This assumes the movie never happens and goes AU after about episode 49 or so of the anime. Oh yeah, and it’s angsty and sad. Sorry.

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