June 16th, 2007

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[fic] Substitution {FMA, one-sided Riza/Roy, implied Roy/Ed, PG-13/R}

Hello, minna-san! =)

strawberrykaoru here, actually just my second time posting in this community, ehehe; I bring forth a story that I've been working on for, uh, a year and a half and has been too lazy to post it on LJ for some strange reason. >3>;

*posted because exams are coming up and I'll probably procrastinate even MORE because of that* XD;

So onwards with the story. =]

Genre: Romance/Angst (just a tiny bit of angst >3>)
Rating: pushing R (on the safe side)
Pairings: Roy/Riza, implied Roy/Ed
Story Type: One-shot
Summary: She found out, on a rainy night, that she would’ve been better off being his right-hand woman than something more than she thought she could be.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is copyrighted to Hiromu Arakawa/Square Enix, so nope, not mine. Unfortunately. XD

Warnings: SPOILERS because this takes place after episode 51 of the anime!! Please, I don’t want to spoil this for anyone, so please read at your own discretion! Oh, and angst-y-ish stuff? It’s sort of Riza-centric, since it involves her experiences. That should be it.

( Substitution )

Feedback is very much adored. =) ♥

X-posted to various communities, such as steelandsparks and royxedcommunity. Sorry if this appears multiple times on your f-list! ^^;
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Allupato has become a battleground...
On February 20th, the organization Chrysalis completed their takeover of the city. From the police station to local politics, their power is absolute. They've made no secret of their presence, at least to the populace; but thanks to an armed quarantine and a mysterious outage of all communication to the outside, the rest of the world is as of yet unaware of the situation.

The way Chrysalis explains it, they've been contracted to prevent the spread of a deadly virus that has broken out in Allupato. The symptoms include pale skin, sensitivity to the sun, reduced reaction to pain, overgrowth of hair, sensitivity to iron, and periods of increased aggression. They're got the locals tricked into thinking the monsters in the city have caught the disease, and once handed over to the Chrysalis Virus Containment Unit, they're never seen again. Even seemingly normal people have been detained for quarantine.

And despite the 'quarantine' around the city, more and more visitors arrive every night, then trapped inside the web and unable to leave. Every night, Chrysalis is out there, capturing more and more people. What will you do when they knock at your door?
Quaque Nocte is a supernatural-based Alternate Universe multifandom game. This means that you get to take your favorite characters from just about any sort of fandom and change them to fit the setting. You may make the character as 'alternate' as you please in this fashion, just as long as you keep them recognizable.

The world of Quaque Nocte is superficially similar to our own. It's the year 4024, but in recent times there's been a backslide when it comes to both fashion and technology. While the technology and indeed the general state of the world is as it is now, the people are far more supersitious and fearful of what they don't understand. It's much like the 1800s in both style of dress and general mannerisms, though of course many people choose to mix more modern fashion in with their ruffles and lace.

The game takes place in the large city of Allupato, located in southern Italy. It is a modern Italian city with all the typical features of a city its size; while Italian is of course the main language, more than half the residents also speak English in the interest of encouraging tourism. Of course, like any other city, Allupato has its fair share of supernatural occurrences. Some of the residents themselves can't claim to be human, and that's not even taking into account what some of the foreigners are really like...
Game InformationInformation on Races
Locations in Allupato
RulesPosting FormatTaken/Reservations ListWanted List
ApplicationContact Info/Friends AddFAQ

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Request Thread Open!

Finals are over and my work load for the first half of the year is mercifully done with - RL-wise - which means I'm nowhere near stressed enough to write fic. You can help me reach the neurosis-levels needed to finish up my projects!

I'm taking requests for fics again, same old drill. Ten first people to reply with pairing, prompt and rating get a fic of up to 1000 words. Any pairing, any prompt and any rating is welcome, really, the weirdest, the better. I take populars to, honest. Request to your heart's content.

Since I cross-posted this to fma_yaoi, it's ten people here and ten people there, meaning I'll take twenty requests in total. If the ten here are already complete, request on the other thread.

Please, I beg you, I need something to do, otherwise, my brain will melt into the puddle of goo we all secretly know it is. XD

Edit: My fault for not mentioning this before, it's one fic per person, to make it fair. Sorry.

Edit2: Requests on this thread closed. Thanks for the prompts, I'll try to have your fics sometime between now and tomorrow. ;) If you still want to request something, try your luck at the fm_a thread, I think there's still space there.
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[Icons] 98 Conqueror of Shamballa Icons!~

Hey it´s me again!

Yeah, yeah I know: first posting nothing for a few days and then throwing out everything at once! XDDDDDD

I used a new coloring on some of my FMA bases and somehow I REALLY liked it ... so I couldn´t stop XDDDD
The outcome is .... almost 100 FMA Conqueror of Shamballa icons! XDDDD Ahem~ .. but I wanted to make Shamballa icons ever since I´ve made the screencaps (which was over a year ago ...) ... so it was REALLY time I guess!

I didn´t do much to the icons. It´s mainly the coloring, sometimes some effects. Okay and some have text (yay XD) ... but I thought they looked fine with just that coloring
If you don´t like it, if you think some of them are oversharpened or WHATEVER, please let me know :)

Other than that ..... enjoy!!~


Icons in this post: [129]

[98] x Fullmetal Alchemist - Conqueror of Shamballa
[15] x Hunter X Hunter
[16] x Prince of Tennis

(Welcome to the land of craziness!)

x-posted m(-_-)m
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[Fanfic] Greed/Envy & Edward/Envy - NC-17 - "Nemo me impune lacessit" (3/3)

Title: Nemo me impune lacessit.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Greed/Envy, Edward/Envy.
Beta: None.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Mind-fuckage? I’d say Angsty romance, sorta-maybe-AU.
Warnings: I’m not paying your therapy. Non-con, uke!Envy, character death(s), gore and violence.
Feedback: Very welcome, please!
Word Count: 3 315.
Total Word Count: 8 175.
Summary: Looking at him, Edward realized they were trying to fix the unfixable.
Author's Notes: Finally, this is done! Over! Finito! More notes at the end, because I don't want to spoil it. ;)

Part One.
Part Two.

( “Tell me you didn’t know.” )
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[Misc. Doodles] Two Tries at Female!Roy and random image

Uh... yeah.

Definitely been awhile since I did something that wasn't a fic but what the hell. I'm somewhat celebrating here since I found my missing Tablet PC's pen. =D So yeah, I kinda did a few drawings in MSN, one random and two attempts on a Female!Roy Mustang from FMA.

One of the Fem!Roy doodles is not Worksafe (sorta) but that's besides the point. You don't see a nipple, just an outline of a breast. >.>;

If you be wanna be see it, go ahead and follow the fake cut. ^_^;

Artist: Lucifer Hisaki
Ratings: G & PG-13 for NWS doodle
Warnings: Genderswitched!
Medium: MSN convo window. o.o;

( To the Doodles! )