May 16th, 2007

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Wanting to Buy: FMA Trading Arts Figures

If this post is not allowed, mods, please let me know and I'll delete it immediately!

I am seeking 4 FMA Trading Arts figures to complete my collection. I know people have repeats/duplicates while trying to complete their own collection, so I'm seeking some of these extra figures you may have!

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Thanks for any help!! ^^
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Default - Mercy Slays

"Of Sins and Virtues," A Fullmetal Alchemist RPG

The Year is 200X in Amestris and the world is almost exactly like our own with notable exceptions. With new technology and better alchemy, war is last thing on anyone's mind. If war happens the aftermath would be devastating for everyone. Yet despite this, one alchemist, named Dante, is willing to use whatever weapon she has to get what she wants. Fragments of Von Hohenheim's incomplete Philosopher's Stone, which he left to his two sons, Edward and Alphonse Elric, roughly 50 years earlier.

The two Elrics had managed to find a way back to Amestris but at the cost of becoming Homunculi. With them, they bring an extra spirit and Alphonse, who was conscious upon their return meets with a new Homunculi, a familiar face, that of Roy Mustang who had somehow assimilated with King Bradley's Sin. Alphonse, now the Virtue of Hope, gives Mustang four incomplete Philosopher Stones which he uses on the bodies of Edward Elric and Maes Hughes, the spirit that had joined them on their journey.

Now Dante is on the verge of going to War with Amestris for the Fragments, using the country of Drachma as her shield. Mustang (now the Homunculi Pride) and some others, as well as the Descendants of former men and women from their mortal lives, are to stop Dante from bringing about what would be then considered the most chaotic and devastating war of all time.

Who would succeed? Who would be defeated? It all boils down to what is the truth "Of Sins and Virtues."
"Of Sins and Virtues" is a unique game as most characters can have two players due to the Homunculi and the Descendant System. It is also possible to have Gender-switched characters for Descendants and if there is popular demand, then there is also the possibility to open up for even more Descendants.

Despite this being an Anime-inspired FMA RPG, you may also use characters from the Manga as well. Would you be a Sin or a Virtue? The choice is yours. Sins and Virtues don't necessarily mean that you're a Homunculi but what side you are on.

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