May 5th, 2007

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[Fanfic] Envy+Pride - PG-13 - "Theory in Practice."

Title: Theory in Practice.
Beta: No one, all mistakes my own.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Crack, Humor.
Feedback: Please! Feed my crazy!
Word Count: +/- 212.
Summary: Envy and Philosophy don't mix well.
Notes: Inspired by my own rant here. Written because I need not to think and crack situations like this make me not-think very well. Script format, because I'm lazy.

( "I think you're the only person I know that can turn a philosophic discourse into a killing method." )

The era hasn't ended, has it?

Hello to all. I can see that the spirit of FMA is still alive. Would anyone be interested in reading some fanfiction? I'm planning to post it both here and on  But first answer this: Who wants to see Ed in drag? (well sort'll have to read it to catch my drift ^_~). Anyway, the thought was wholly inspired by both episode 49:Beyond the Door and the Conqueror of Shambala. 

I look forward to your opinions!
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Contest Fic for magna_opera

Title: To Pray is to Redeem
Author: Lucifer Hisaki (mercy_slays /luciferhisaki )
Rating: R
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang
Summary: You stare at the figure...
Disclaimer: You do not have a legal suit for the whole FMA thing. So don't even try.
Notes: Implied sex, very Religious Allusions with loads of blasphemy and omg, sex in a C-----!
Word Count: 1725
For: magna_opera's MISSION no.3 contest

( To Pray is to Redeem )

Havoc Genfic

Title- "Remember To Breathe"
For:  The birthday of galuxkitty, given the prompts "Mangaverse" and "Learning to walk again." (skkjhflaksf!)
Rated: PG (On the lightest side)
Spoilers: All standard Havoc mangaverse spoilers.

"It had fallen into a ditch, breaking two of its legs and had to be shot afterwards; nobody could afford to keep a worthless mule.  He was ten at the time and didn't cry because he knew that big strong boys weren't supposed to do such childish things..."
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Drabble Drive, Prompts Welcome.

I'm having a few rough times, so I need something to entertain myself with. First ten people who reply to this with a pairing, a rating and a prompt get a free short story, between two hundred and one thousand words.

Anyone interested? All pairings, ratings and prompts welcome.