April 19th, 2007

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Icon dump; 90 icons

90 Fullmetal Alchemist
~ Roy Mustang
~ Edward Elric
~ Envy (& the rest of the homunculi)
~ Riza Hawkeye
~ Elysia Hughes
~ Ran Fuan/ Ran Fan/ Lan Fan
~ Maes Hughes
~ Dante
~ Hoenheim
~ Armstrong
~ Random gypsies
~ Mei chan
~ Miscellanea (includes sheep, signposts, burning houses, watches and letters)

Also includes: RoyEd implications, RoyEd roadsigns, overt gay references, references to zoofic, ninjas and way too many variations.


(They're magic, they hide under a fake cut)
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Bean/Mame series for sale

Hi all~ D:

Well... I'm really trying to get enough money to buy a certain something by the end of the month, and I know these will sell, so... I think it's time to sell my copies of the mame/bean series. ;_; I love them to death, but I mainly bought them to scanlate, and I need the money... plus I'd like to see them go to loving homes.

I do NOT have the second and third, but I have the first and from the fourth on. I'm not selling my copy of Final Mame Fantasy yet, cause I JUST got it XD;; I still want to keep it for now. The rest, though, are for sale.

These HAVE all been scanned, but have virtually no damage to them. I take good care of my babies XD I don't kill the spines when I scan.

Asking $15 each ;-; plus shipping. I take paypal, and I'm afraid I'd have to ask for fees @_@ paypal charges every payment I accept. I WILL ship internationally. :3

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