April 13th, 2007

Mustang- Your Mom

Two more alphabet drabbles (Mustang, Hughes) (friendship)

Title: C is for Cake
Characters: Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes (and a little Hawkeye as well!)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Silly silliness.

Author's note: I got this idea from clinicly8insane, who got the idea from h_mania. So I want to thank both of them.

C is for...

Title: D is for Danger
Characters: Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Pre-series academy silliness! (possible alternate Mustang history)

D is for...
Mustang- Your Mom


I just found out today that someone from my past- a friend that I only known briefly, but cared for like a brother, had passed away over a year ago. If it hadn't been for this fandom, and an offhanded comment that someone had made in thier LJ, I never would have found out.

This is for binaryalchemist who was fortunate enough to know this kind soul as well. Fate let me find you, and fate binds us by a mutual friend who is no longer with us.

And this is for you, Tacoma. Sleep well, friend. *raises a piece of sushi in your honor*

Title: Alone
Characters: Mustang and Hughes
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Angsty and sad.

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Fanfic: Night at the Pound

With much trepidation...I bring a fanfic.

Title: Night at the Pound
Author: ketita
Words: 2862
Rating: PG (a few curses)
Spoilers: manga, Doors
Genre: horror? I really don't know.
Summary: Ed's being overbearing, Al asks for some breathing space. It's the same story every time....and it will end in the same way.
Comments: I'm unsure about this idea. On one hand, I'm pleased, because I managed to twist the entire premise of the series in one short fic. On the other hand, maybe it's just a little too much....
The idea hit me, I wrote it, and SeventhDaughter, zarephathcsand evil_kat proofed for me.

( Every Edward here has the same story. They're all real, they're all unreal, and they're all your brother. Come, pick whichever one you want )

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[fic] Soaring Spirits

Title: Soaring Spirits (BoP-verse – A:2)
Author: c_b_syndrome/LJ Harris
Rating: PG13
Spoiler Warning: None for the Series and Anime… kinda-sorta for ‘Balance of Power’
A/N: This was started about a year ago, but I kept leaving it unfinished because I just couldn’t figure out how to end it. It goes along with the ‘Crackbunny Syndrome’ – group novel, ‘Balance of Power’ which is still actually in the first arc. This was an idea for a little side-story that came up while talking about the –possible- second arc where Ed, Al and Hughes (along with the Geek Squad) all cross to the Amestris side of the Gate. The story stands alone. You don’t even need to know much about BoP in order to enjoy it. It’s A/U though, and the technology involved reflects that.

Dedicated to all the CrackedBunnies, especially roaming_fool who begged me to get it finished. I hope you’re happy with the result, hon!

He should have been grateful… except that quiet and Fullmetal didn’t belong in the same universe together, let alone the same sentence and it was therefore disturbing
FMA Winry

Cold Comfort: Revised

Title: Cold Comfort
Author: Lyra
Rating: R, for sexual situations
Pairing: Winry/Roy, with mention of others
Spoilers: Just the ending of CoS
Synopsis: Sometimes, in the middle of loss there is gain, and in the most unlikely places, comfort may be found.

( When she turned to face her visitor, Roy realized for the first time that Winry Rockbell was no longer the fiery girl who came to visit the Elric brothers and perform maintenance on Edward’s automail, that time had melted away the innocence and naïveté of youth, replacing it with the tempered steel of experience. )