March 29th, 2007

  • grygon

Fullmetal Alchemist uniform

Does anyone have or know where to find a uniform pattern for cosplay? My sis insists on trying to make her own uniform. I don't think she realizes how complicated the design is, but ah well.

I know some people sell copies of their patterns. I tried google and yahoo searches but so far can't find anything like that.


Mustang- Your Mom

Gimme a Hand (Barry the Chopper x Hand)

Title: Gimme a Hand
Author: SeaweedOtter
Genre: Slash and Smut
Rating: NC-17 for EXTREME violence. Please read Author's note below.
Pairing: Barry the Chopper x Hand
Spoilers: No real spoilers, set in the anime around episode 8 (Possible prequel to "Field Work"
Quote: "Hey, thanks for lending me a hand!"

Author's note: This is extremely violent, and contains aspects of rape, non con, blood play, torture, death, dismemberment, and some slight necrophilia (kind of). PLEASE don't read if you are sensitive to any of this.
(hopefully I didn't scare EVERYONE off...)

Even though he had been seen around the Central Headquarters, Barry the Chopper still found it hard to move around.
  • yixsh

Fic: Demimonde (Part One of Two)

Title:  Demimonde (part one of two)
Rating:  PG-13/T for suicidal thoughts/intentions/attempts (XD;;), implied character death, foul language
Pairings:  Roy/Riza
Characters:  Ed, Roy, Riza
Genre:  Drama, ANGSTY ANGST ANGST, Gen
Spoilers:  Nope.  Pretty much TWT.  I'm kinda confused by my muddled timeline too, so I've included a rough timeline inside the cut to straighten myself out for part two.
Notes:  Named by rigella <333 much love for the pretty French, wifey.   Apparently, it means Half World, which I found wangstingly appropriate. :3

And Edward wasn’t jealous, of course he wasn’t jealous of a stupid baby, wasn’t jealous that his family had fallen apart entirely just as theirs finally came together. He wasn’t jealous.

He wasn’t.