March 19th, 2007

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Fic: Ever the Same (1/1)

Title: Ever the Same
Series: FMA
Pairings: Roy/Riza *primarily one-sided*
Rating: PG (I know, it's amazing, isn't it?)
Summary: The only relevant fact is that he loves her.
Spoilers: For the manga. Um all of it, more or less.
Notes: junemermaid, this bud's for you like always when I write them together. Title and excerpt from the song by Rob Thomas. (Crossposted to royai, fm_alchemist, and fullservicefma.)

(These are the facts.)
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Brian Schecter ad dual

Three transcribed eps, as promised.

I'm trying to do requests in the order they were received. Sorry, mercy_slays, I don't have the disc that episode 48 is on yet, but I should be getting it in about a week, and when I do I promise to get it done for you. Ishbal stuff will be next until then, for verie and jalendavi_lady.

I'm pumping these out a lot faster than I thought I would, and I don't want to make a new post in the community every time I add another episode, so you might want to add that journal. Any feedback is also greatly appreciated. Oh! It also occurred to me that I screwed up when I first posted asking if anyone was interested in these by saying subbed instead of dubbed. Apologies, it was late and I didn't notice. Anyway, on to the episodes.

13 Fullmetal vs. Flame
25 Words of Farewell
37 Flame Alchemist
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Roy - a single battle lost

Fic: Like a Heartbeat (Chapter 3; R; EdxRiza, GraciaxRoss)

Title: Like a Heartbeat (Chapter 3)
Author: kuchenhexe
Rating: R
Warnings: Femmeslash, het, implied slash, polyamory, AU, swearing, violence, death.
Spoilers: None, really. There is some EoS stuff, just before events change over to an AU.
Pariings: Ed Elric x Riza Hawkeye; Gracia Hughes x Maria Ross; Alphonse Elric x Winry Rockbell x Sheska; also implied Roy Mustang x Jean Havoc.
Summary: The year is 1922. The government's changeover to a Parliament is not without conflict, and a well-planned attack shakes up more than just Central City.
Additional Information: see likeaheartbeat's userinfo
Notes: A million thanks to piroshki for all of her help and input in getting explosives and the effects of building demolition accurate, and details on how to operate old telephone switchboards.
Teaser: "I want you out from under my command because you've wasted too many of your years following a pipe dream that wasn't even yours to begin with, and one that damn near got you killed. I buried Maes, I refuse to bury anyone else. From here on out, whatever the government has planned for me, I go it alone. No more. I'm not risking you or anyone else again."

( Like a Heartbeat - Chapter 3 )
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Note: if you're watching the journal it's posted in and nothing shows on your flist, the reason why is because I've already posted the first 8 chapters, and it's just a matter of unlocking them right now.
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Roy/Ed Fics Updates

Title: Pyrometallon
Genre: Hard Yaoi

Chap 1, Chap 2, Chap 3, Chap 4, Chap 5a, Chap 5b, Chap 6, Chap 7

Chap 8: Summary: Ginger huh? Well the shower head had been an interesting experience maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. But food?

- - -

This is a post for 50_rps.

Title: Where He Belongs
Warnings and Notes: Spoilers for movie. Rated PG13.

Theme1:Anger, Theme2:Twilight, Theme3:Blood

Theme4:Calm Summary: Reaching inside the drawer, Ed lifted his watch out and looked it over. It was in one piece, a few scratches from his gallivanting a few years ago, but almost in perfect condition.

- - -

And I would like your opinion on some Ed/Roy lyrics- what is YOUR favorite Ed/Roy song?
Mustang- Your Mom

Gains and Losses- Chapter 9: "Admissions"

This is the ninth chapter of the arc called "Gains and Losses". It is Havoc-centric. It is set in the mangaverse, so if you don't know what happens to Havoc around Chapter 38, then read it before you start this fic.

Title: Admissions
Author: SeaweedOtter
Beta: The omnipresent havocmangawip
Characters: Mostly Jean Havoc, but the most of the rest of the gang appears.
Rating: PG for a little language
Disclaimer: Manga Spoilers... Set in the manga, a couple years after the end of chapter 38. Maybe AU?
Summary: The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one.

Read all the chapters so far HERE!

It was pretty bad, Havoc thought, when even the driver who only sees him a few minutes a day when he drives the man to and from work notices that something is wrong.
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Scene Question: No Spoilers

I'm looking for a specific scene... I -know- it exists. I couldn't have imagined it...

But it was a shot of Roy in a jeep, with Havoc driving. I'm fairly certain it was in the desert. But for the life of me, I cannot find that short scene.

Does anyone know which episode it was in, and about where it shows up? I need it for an AMV I'm working on.

I'll be eternally grateful if someone can help!


EDIT: Thanks xeviscerax!!!!

Warning: To anyone wishing to download the prelim from the link in the comments I posted --- SPOILER ALERT For ep 25