March 5th, 2007

Pay master's debt

Fic: On my knees. RoyxEd

Hi! Here it's my first fic in english ^^

Author: daniela_lynx
Translator: arence_heart
Pairing: RoyxEd, implied elricest
Rating: Pg-13?

Mmm, the thing with fics in spanish is that they are just TOO short, and tend to be bad, honestly, but this one is really good. I don't know, everything is different (and weird) in spanish, I hope you find it interesting, at least ^^

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(... god, i need a beta reader who knows actual english....)
Ed/Riza - saving me

Fic: Like a Heartbeat (Chapter 2; R; EdxRiza, GraciaxRoss)

Title: Like a Heartbeat (Chapter 2)
Author: kuchenhexe
Rating: R
Warnings: Femmeslash, het, implied slash, polyamory, AU, swearing, violence, death.
Spoilers: None, really. There is some EoS stuff, just before events change over to an AU.
Pariings: Ed Elric x Riza Hawkeye; Gracia Hughes x Maria Ross; Alphonse Elric x Winry Rockbell x Sheska; also implied Roy Mustang x Jean Havoc.
Summary: The year is 1922. The government's changeover to a Parliament is not without conflict, and a well-planned attack shakes up more than just Central City.
Additional Information: see likeaheartbeat's userinfo
Notes: A million thanks to piroshki for all of her help and input in getting explosives and the effects of building demolition accurate, and details on how to operate old telephone switchboards.
Teaser: As he got closer, he could hear screaming. Hundreds of voices, seeming to come from all over, and he couldn't see them. He couldn't see where they could be. The sound was agonizing, weeping, hysterical and pleading and he thought of the stories of Ishbal, of Liore, of the forgotten city sacrificed long ago for a Philosopher's Stone, of his brother screaming as the Gate broke down his body, his hand fading away even as Ed struggled to reach him, his own ruined leg be damned.

( Like a Heartbeat - Chapter 2 )

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shiny_glor_chan: Gloria

First Post

Two things. First, I have a community called 7rainbowprompts. It's prompt community and there are not FMA claims and I think it's a shame. Check it out and claim whatever you want from FMA (or any other fandom). You can claim pairings, people, places, anything really. So come over and check out the prompts and maybe claim something. As I said, all claims are open for FMA!

Second thing, I have a series of drabbles for FMA and I just updated after more than a year. I'm gonna catch up with the manga soon so there may be a few more drabbles added.

The drabbles are mainly RoyEd, a little EdEnvy, some general, and some humor. I just wanna see what people after over a year hiatus. I'm taking requests so leave 'em in a review or comment.

I hope there's nothing wrong with this post. If there is, just tell me and I'll fix it.
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Merchandise dump

Hey there!!!

I have a proposal for the lot of you >:3

I need some extra money to pay for a few debts I owe to my school >.> and so I'm being forced to sell a few things :) T'is not big deal, seeing as these are doubles :D

Well, first up is the DVD of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. I'm going to have this gong for about $20-$30, dependning on shipping.

Next up is a keychain, and I'll let this go for $2.

and as something that has nothing to do with Fullmetal, I have the first volume of Absolute Boyfriend [manga] up for sale for about $8.

Now, there is something extra I'll throw in. You get a free Kingdom Hearts card game card if you buy either one of these. However, if you pay an extra 50 cents, you get 5 cards selected at random :D

I'll post pictures as soon as i can get my camera to cooperate with me, I assure you that everything is in tip top condition. I couldn't bring myself to damage anything with Ed's dear face on it >w<

Leave a comment if you're interested, and if you'd actually like to buy anything, email me at

Ciao ♥
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2,000 Miles - Chapter 5

Title: 2,000 Miles
Summary: Two thousand miles and more ghosts than that to haunt them.
Pairing: EdwardxWinry.
Spoilers:Post series, so yeah. A little bit of an alternate ending. No movie though. Doesn't even exist.
Rating: PG - NC-17 This chapter: PG-13
FMA does not belong to me and I make no profit from any of these tales. Any further archiving of my fiction is strictly prohibited unless cleared by me.

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Two Jean/Roy pics

Title: "Hours Late"
Artist: raja815
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Photoshop doodle for fanart100 for prompt #6 "Hours." No one can convince me that these two aren't snugglers.

Click the thumb!:

"Hey, Boss?" "Yes, Jean?" "We're three hours late... should we get up?" "Mmm... not quite yet." "Okay."

Title: "Fit to be Tied"
Artist: raja815
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: Photoshop doodle for fanart100 for prompt #35 "Sixth Sense." I fail at drawing backgrounds in Photoshop, so there isn't one.

Click the Thumb!:

Unable to touch Roy himself, the anticipation to feel his skin against his own almost became a sense in and of itself.