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can anyone tell me where can I find this picture of Ed?
is there one of Roy too?

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mods can delete this post if it's not allowed... but I really wanna find that pic and I haven't been in the fandom lately... T.T
Mustang- Your Mom

After the Fall, Chapter 10 (Roy x Ed)

Title: After the Fall, Chapter 10
Author: SeaweedOtter
Characters: Roy x Ed and some implied Roy x Hughes...
Rating: R to NC-17 overall for language and nudity- (PG-13 for this chapter.)
Warnings: The story goes somewhat AU after the end of episode 25 in the anime. I
am still sort of keeping to canon events.
Summary: After the funeral for Maes Hughes, Roy was feeling rather... vulnerable.
Copyrights: The characters obviously belong to their creators, not me.

Follow the fake cuts for the first nine chapters so far!!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

The day crawled on for Roy Mustang. No papers were signed. Coffee flowed like water, and by mid afternoon his hands shook so hard that even if he had wanted to sign his name to the papers that loomed in front of him, he probably wouldn't have been able to.
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Waste Land, chapter 16, Ed x Envy, NC-17 this chapter

Title: Waste Land [Chapter 16]
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb]
Pairing: Ed x Envy
Rating: NC-17 this chapter.
Genre: Drama/angst. Stuff.
Warnings: Sex, language, very intoxicated Edward. Plot heavy. Abuse of the word cock.
Spoilers: Wholesale series spoilers. All episodes are fair game.
Summary: Chapter 16: Drink it up. Ed gets consensual sex. Envy gets non-consensually groped. Then there's plot and random German stuff. Plot. Yes. And sex, that too. Ha ha, my summary skillz pwn.
Music: The beginning of this chapter -- featuring the depressing, oppressive, dreary and grey atmosphere of World War I Germany -- was primarily written to Falling Again, by Lacuna Coil, whereas the latter portion of the chapter -- the renaissance of flesh and soul -- was written primarily to A Song of Storm and Fire, by Yuki Kajiura.

Previous parts are in my MEMORIES, because listing all the bloody chapters every frickin' time is just fugly, yo.

( The flesh remembered. The flesh wanted. Its amnesia had passed, and the endorphins now took centre stage with glee. )
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N1 - Emizel - Not Moe

Spectral Concepts

Once again, time to pester everybody

Rules ~ Apply ~ Taken Characters ~ Guide ~ FAQ


Welcome to Trinity City, a seemingly normal place to anyone seeing it for the first time, but there is a few unusual quirks to it. One being the obivious fact that it's nearly impossible to escape from it to begin with. The other is the how 'unusual' some of the residents act sometimes.. But prehaps the strangest thing about this city, is that on some rare nights the people will have vague dreams that feel almost like old and worned out memories. Even though it's impossible that they should know anything of what lyings outside when they were born and raised right in the city.

.. Or so they thought

This is no ordinary place, it is almost like a whole different world in itself. With something unknown just about watching your every move, and using creatures to dispose anyone that seems to know too much; everyone tries to live in denial that there's really something wrong at all in the place they assume they call "home".

Collapse )

Ed and Al are still the only ones taken from FMA(Ed on hold for the five billionth time). But there's many other characters open from other things and wanted.
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Dante/Roze standard victorian couple

Dante/Roze Darkfic 3/7

Title: Accepting Pain for Love
Character(s): Dante/Roze, Lust
Rating: Light NC-17

Prompt: 3 candle in the window from 7stages
Word Count: 2373
Summary: The long claws pressing against her skin uncomfortably, the sneer of the woman above her-it was almost too much to take. But something inside her was numb, and she didn't squirm, she didn't protest. She just kept her eyes open, refusing to cry, even when the sharpened nails pressed against her so hard she bled.
Author's Notes: mindfuckery (and fuckery), Dante isn't nice, Roze is not herself, and Lust has never been nice.

( Accepting Pain for Love [Fake Cut] )
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Your point is?

Two Good Legs, Part 6

Title: Two Good Legs
(Previous chapters...Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5

Word count: 3871
Pairing: Ed/Al if you can count it as such
Rating: PG-13 to R depending on the chapter
Warnings: And no beta, even though people have offered! So the mistakes are my own. And there's KISSING.
Summary: AU after episode 50. With Al's body freshly restored, the Elrics now must face each other's sins and hopefully survive their own trial by fire. After Edward is buried alive, he must recover and eventually learn to forgive himself for the past.

Collapse )

The next chapter will close this part of the Elric's lives. It's been a great trip, and this chapter kind of told me (after taking nearly a month to write) that it is time for such good things to end. And I hope when you get to the ending, you'll be content with it as I will.
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couple of artbooks for sale

I tried to sell these two artbooks a while ago, but I guess the person that wanted them changed their mind since I never heard back from them and it's been a few months... So here they are again. XP
$10 for the one on the left, $15 for the one on the right (plus shipping). Paypal only.

Email me at if interested. Thanks! =)