February 15th, 2007


Gen Challenge Prompts Open

The prompts are now open up at gen_challenge to anyone who would like to collect one or three. Those of you who haven't given any may pick up to three prompts to write or draw.

Prompts are here, and please make sure to write what wave they are for, and if they are fiction or art. One of each for each prompt, and if it's been struck through, then both slots are taken.

Waves are:

June 1-10th
June 11-20th
June 21-30th

Have fun, and let's get this ball rolling. They're up for grabs until the 20th of this month.

gen_challenge is a challenge com along the lines of yaoi_challenge and het_challenge. You select from various prompts and, for this com, produce gen fics/art based off those prompts.

(Mods, I hope this is all right. Please forgive me and feel free to delete if it isn't.

'The Show'

Title: The Show
Author: Firebird
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn
Pairing: Ed/Alfons
Word Count: 888
Warning/Notes/Disclaimer: Characters are not mine and I am not making any money off this. However, they do belong to Hiromu Arakawa/Square ENIX, MBS, ANX, BONES, FUNimation Productions, Ltd. Here, there be porn. :D Some bondage play. So if that's not your kink, you'll want to skip this.
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