February 12th, 2007

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Oooohhh, fic

I come to ficpimp. After several months of utter inactivity, I finally wrote something -- several EdWin ficbits, to be exact. They can be found here. Elsewhere on the journal you can find the lovely rigella's fics, as well - I know at least one of hers is Ed/Winry.

That's all! ^_^ Enjoy.

also xposted to nakotaco, hagaren_manga, and ed_winry, as well as shameless whoring at brawl_cabal.
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FMA Winry

Anime Convention in the Midwest

Thought I'd throw this one out there for all those FMA fans living in the Midwest:

Anime St. Louis is an anime convention taking place in St. Louis, Missouri, from April 20-22, 2007.
Confirmed guest list includes Vic Mignogna and Piano Squall. For more information, http://www.animestl.com/
Anime St. Louis is partnered with ShowMeCon, a science fiction convention. It's two cons for the price of one!

The gate likes to watch

Gate x Envy, "Icarus", NC-17

TITLE: Icarus
PAIRING: Gate x Envy
WARNINGS: Torture, Rape, Tentacles. The Gate playing rough with Envy. Mildly AU.
SPOILERS: Episode 51
BETAS: Thank you to tsu and mikkeneko for helping me in the idea stage, and thank you to tsu for the grammar look over.

A/N: Written for hieronymousb in the hopes that she will be guilted into writing me some Tied up Roy. I admit I kind of punted on the torture bit, but eventually I got some in.

( Hubris is probably not the best approach when dealing with the Gate )
gate squick

Animation book

I know this is a big request, but does anybody know where to get good quality scans of the three TV animation artbooks without the creases in the middle or anything? I don't have anything to give in return other than fanart, so if somebody does find the scans, I'd like to draw them fanart of their choice.

^^ That's all. Thank you for listening.

12 FMA Iconses

[12]Fullmetal Alchemist
-[02]Edward + Alphonse
-[01]Ed + Winry
[08]Death Note
[08]Ouran Host Club
[02]Green Day

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Musings on Gender: Den

I'm fairly certain this question has been asked before (though I can't seem to remember when), but has it been canonically established whether Den is a boy or a girl? The fics I remember the most clearly has Den female, but no one I talk to seems to be quite sure.

And if there isn't a canonical gender for Den, is there at least a fanon gender?