February 11th, 2007

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Fic- "Something's Gotta Give" (Jean/Roy, FMA)

Title: Something's Gotta Give
Author: raja815
Pairing/Fandom: Jean Havoc/ Roy Mustang, Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1442
Warnings None, unless you're incredibly squeamish about kissing.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is © Hiromu Arakawa. I will make no capitol benefit from this.
Author's Notes: Written for ficalbum, for my claim of Aerosmith's Nine Lives album, for the song "Something's Gotta Give." See lyrics here. Whenever I'm on a long walk/subway ride/etc, I usually entertain myself by telling myself a story. This was today's. ^_^ I thought it might be nice to share.

“Did you want something, Lieutenant?”
free fall
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[Fan Fic] Shower Sessions - G (K), drabbles, Elrics & 'Armstrong', Winry, Hei

Shower Sessions

Title: Shower Sessions #1: Sparkle
Rating: G (K)
Genre: gen, fluff, WTF
Word Count: around 500
Notes: Very nearly almost Ed x Al x Armstrong. But not. At all. >.>
Warnings: Elric kissing, though it’s too gen to be labeled Elricest.

"Since when have you been into role-playing? And why Major Armstrong? It’s – disturbing!"

Title: Shower Sessions #2: Soap
Rating: G (K)
Genre: gen
Word Count: around 350
Notes: Winry reflects on Ed and Al’s human transmutation. Pre-series.
Warnings: Winry is apparently superstitious enough to believe she made soap bad voodoo dolls. :3

By bath time, the pieces of her orange soap were gone (it had shattered upon contact with Ed’s head and, in finding that she could not screw, bolt or weld the soap back together, Winry had thrown it into the fields, disgusted). Al the Lilac-Scented Soap Bar had also disappeared mysteriously.

Title: Shower Sessions #3: Stars
Rating: G (K)
Genre: gen,
Word Count: 300 or so
Notes: Heidrich, Ed. Post-series, pre-movie.

I remember the night I told you my silly star story. I remember watching your expression shift from irate, perplexed, and finally, to nothing at all.

Constructive criticism is adored. Mostly I just want to know if a) you understood a thing you read and b) if the drabbles were as boring as I hope they aren't but strongly suspect they might be. :3

Fanfic: A Reckoning (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Title: Sketch: A Reckoning
Fandom: FMA (mangaverse)
Character(s): Scar, Yoki
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1800
Warnings: Spoilers for various events in chapters 47 through 64.
A/N: This story has been brewing in my mind ever since I saw that hesitation in the street-fight in 47 and found its ending after I read the panel in 64 in which two old adversaries confront each other. Crossposted from nebroadwe to Höllenbeck (i.e. hagaren_manga, fm_alchemist, fullservicefma, fma_gen, fma_writers and fma_fiction).
Dedication: For cornerofmadness, who also deserves a pick-me-up. Not sure this qualifies in terms of atmosphere, though ...

What had he seen through the haze of brick dust and wrath to bring him to this pass?
Madoka ¤ Hurt

-flails around-


It's been forever since I've posted on here. I'm all nostalgic. -sigh-

Anyway. I came along today, because I need to write some Fullmetal Drabbles. Anyone interested in requesting any? =D

I'll write yaoi, yuri, het, whatever. I do admit that I'm much more well-versed in the anime than the manga though, so you may want to keep that in mind if you request something (only up to volume ten of the manga. >__>)

So please, request away. ♥ Just a character and/or pairing and a keyword will do. Thanks. ♥
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Fanfiction; Roy Mustang/Jean Havoc + Dog, rated PG-13

Title: The Five Trials Of Charlie
Author: ceasefire
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Jean Havoc + Charlie the Dog
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2517
Warnings: Alternate future, taking place after Episode 51, ridiculous fluff.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is the rightful property of Hiromu Arakawa. This is a fanwork written purely for both your entertainment and mine. Charlie the Dog belongs to myself and raja815.

Roy scowled, and herded both of his golden-haired, dopey-eyed housemates out of the bedroom and locked the door.

Crossposted to: 30_kisses, havocroy, fma_yaoi, fm_alchemist, fullservicefma and to my personal journal.