February 5th, 2007

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FMA Djs - Mamedrop, Ronno to Kalus & Rokka/KE100S

Hello everyone, there's a new update in my entry. Quite unexpected since I just got a reply from a friend for whom I bought the doujinshis. Since she doesn't want them anymore, I have two new FMA doujinshis for sale :

Preview: 3 Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshis

¤"Rendez-vous with the military dog" takes place after the end of the series and features Ed and Roy's angsty relationship.
¤"Love/Letter/1921 .04" by Okame Kazumi. It's based on Conqueror of Shamballa and takes place during the time Ed is living with Heiderich. Every day, he thinks and dreams only of Roy but one day, he hears about a magic mail box so he starts writing letters to Roy... The Love/Letter/1921 series ends with the 5th book.
¤"Inu no Hi" by Bambi Takada.
There are still 2 Harry Potter doujinshis for sale.
To view the bigger pictures and get more informations, read my entry here : Doujinshi Sale
Death the Kid

Roy x Ed Yaoi-ish video

Another video I made, but way beter than may others. I used the new and improved windows Vista program that came with my new laptop....and wow, I can tell the diference. It will take awhile to learn how to use all the effects, but for a first try...I think I did okay. ^o^ Hope you all enjoy it. <3333

It's basically about Ed learning to accept the fact that he truly loves Roy. X3
Mustang- Your Mom

The Bet (Part 2 of 2) (Babysitting!Mustang)

This is the second part of the two parter. The other half was about how Roy lost the bet. Part One was done for fma_fuh_q. Hughes was the man of the month.

Title: The Bet (Part Two)
Author: SeaweedOtter
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G to PG for light stuff.
Pairing: Babysitting!Roy vs. Elysia!
Spoilers: None, really. Slightly AU. The characters are not mine.
Quote: "If I find out you did that again, I will make sure you never have children."

Head here for Part One!
This could be standalone, but it makes a bit more sense if you read part one first.

Roy was pretty sure that this was the only time that he had ever wanted to stay after work...
Your point is?

Look! A real One shot!

Title: Happiness Sought
Pairing: Hughes/Ed
Rating: Hard R, maybe even NC-17
Summary: Where does a teen go to for information when you need discression?
Warnings: uh, not really. this happens in the middle of the series, maybe a good 6 months before Hughes' death. Oh! Mispellings are mine!
Word Count: 3596

This piece was written for assignment on fma_fuh_q. Like, YAY! I can write stuff other than Ed/Al!

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If only he had a squeeky toy version 2.0

If you remember back in 2005, I did a little fanart of the Movie version of Envy (Envy!Dragon ). Well I finally did a little update and redid the entire image (So a year and a half after the original idea was done), and I have to say the skills are a ton better and I enjoyed the final result (and hey! Look a background of some kind!)

Click the image to see the full view