January 24th, 2007


Sketch dump, with some FMA :D

Here's a sketch dump I did. All are relatively worksafe, but as per usual, not entirely brainsafe. All the FMA pics are at the top of the cut, so you can skip over the other pics if you'd like.

Sailor!Havoc (not of the Bishoujo Senshi variety, mind you) makes his debut here, as well as slutty femme!Ed and slutty femme!Roy. Roy might be a bit borderline not worksafe, but he's near the end of the FMA sketches, so you can avoid him.

Of course, there is also Envy, FTW.

A warning, though, to those who have a slow internet connection. This post is image heavy, so it may take a while to download.

( Let's follow the fake cut to the crack! :D )
forget me nots and marigolds


I realize I've posted some of these before, but not many. I also wanted to be a geek and put them in a table. X3

Warning: A lot of these icons include yaoi themes/gags, but they are all worksafe. Click at your own risk.

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o1 - o3 Manga art, ©Arakawa Hiromu
o4 - 16 Anime art, ©BONES, Square Enix, Arakawa, Hiromu... and whoever else.
o4 - Base by chochajin (thanks! ^_^)
o7 - Lyrics by Yellowcard, "Words, Hands, Hearts"
17 - 19 Tobenai Tenshi, ©Square Enix, Arakawa Hiromu, BONES?
20 - Doujinshi, ©idea [Site]
21 - 22 Doujinshi, ©Escape Club [Site]
23 - 26 Doujinshi, ©Lazies [Site]
27 - 43 Doujinshi, ©daen o.5 [Site]
44 - "No Icon". ...Not really an icon, though I suppose if you wanna use it you can, just like any other icon.

Additional credit goes to atoli for putting up with my bitching while I played with the html and giving me the webistes for idea and Escape Club, catystorm for helping me remember Escape Club's circle name(and the fact that 23-26 are actually Lazies, not Escape Club...), and eveningsky for this wonderful icon template. Thanks so much, guys!

Textless icons are not bases, and are not to be used as such. You are, howeverfree to use them as they are, as long as you give proper credit to peach_jello in your userpics. ^_^
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FMA Fic - 2,000 Miles - Chapter 4

Title: 2,000 Miles
Summary: Two thousand miles and more ghosts than that to haunt them.
Pairing: EdwardxWinry.
SpoilersPost series, so yeah. A little bit of an alternate ending. No movie though. Doesn't even exist.
Rating PG - NC-17 This chapter: PG
FMA does not belong to me and I make no profit from any of these tales. Any further archiving of my fiction is strictly prohibited unless cleared by me.

Previous Chapters: Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

Chapter Four
N1 - Emizel - Not Moe

Spectral Concepts

Yet more shameful pimping....

Rules ~ Apply ~ Taken Characters ~ Guide ~ FAQ


Welcome to Trinity City, a seemingly normal place to anyone seeing it for the first time, but there is a few unusual quirks to it. One being the obivious fact that it's nearly impossible to escape from it to begin with. The other is the how 'unusual' some of the residents act sometimes.. But prehaps the strangest thing about this city, is that on some rare nights the people will have vague dreams that feel almost like old and worned out memories. Even though it's impossible that they should know anything of what lyings outside when they were born and raised right in the city.

.. Or so they thought

This is no ordinary place, it is almost like a whole different world in itself. With something unknown just about watching your every move, and using creatures to dispose anyone that seems to know too much; everyone tries to live in denial that there's really something wrong at all in the place they assume they call "home".

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Need more FMA characters BADLY. Only have just a movie!Al and a reserved Ed(most likely movie vesion too)...But of course, will take just about any character that's not already applied for.

Also the roleplay is on GreatestJournal, which is basically a total mock-up of LJ but nice features for free accounts(such as space for 2000 icons) and also fewer users, meaning there's less SNs taken and so forth. In short is makes it almost a paradise for journal RPers (aside from a somewhat irriating ad banner on profiles).
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Edward Note

The Dead Aren't Really Dead: Chapter 9

Title: The Dead Aren't Really Dead: Chapter 9
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Rating: This chapter PG/PG-13; overall R
Pairing: RoyxEd
Spoilers: End of the anime, Episode 25 (kinda)
Summary: After finally discovering Ed again, a long journey makes life hard again for Ed and Al...and now Roy too!
Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Crossposted to: fma_yaoi steelandsparks

A/N: Sorry it's taken me sooooo long to update! I've had this written for like forever, but I'm really bad about actually typing it up. I've got like 10 chapters written! Sorry!

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Crack Vid- Fullmetal Oddities 2

For those of you who liked the first but want more music and more ghey.  :D

Fake Cut to the video, in which Alphonse has 'Got Back', FMA is translated into an unexpected language, Roy and Ed do a "Pirate thing"... and much more!


(Contains remnants of other projects you may have seen elsewhere, as well as some projects that will sadly never see completion, such as "Fullmetal Alchemist- The Conqueror of Canada".)

((Also contains Armor!Al repeatedly attempting to get laid... and failing.  D':))