January 21st, 2007

Lovely Dean


Title: Advancement
Author: sky_dark
Genre: Yaoi
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Roy x ED
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 5843
Beta and Hand-Holding: Unbeta'd as of yet, but since this fic is for brinylon's (belated) birthday, and she's going out of town, I wanted to get it posted! It's been spellchecked a couple of times.
Summary: Briny asked for teenage Ed. So here he is in hormone-addled splendor.

( There was nothing more petulant on the face of the planet than Edward Elric when he felt he was owed something. )
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cosplay questions - Ed's shoes and jacket

Has any one had any luck finding shoes like Ed's in women sizes? I imagine you'd have to shop in goth/punk stores/sites for shoes like them. I've found shoes with zippers and buckles on ebay but wanted to get others advice... maybe there are deals out there I'm unaware of.

Also, any good commissioners for an Ed jacket? Looking for some sweet artist who makes the jacket out of a nice material that gets similar wind-blown ripples like in the manga/anime.

Thanks. :)

PS- need it in time for Anime Expo at the end of June. Considering going as crack. Yes, crack. Like wearing Ed's jacket, Cloud's cargo pants and cloudy wolf ear ring, like a million belts since anime loves senseless belts, Roy's glove, etc.

Even if I don't go as crack due to not wanting to be harrassed by hard core cosplayers, I at least want an Ed jacket though. :)
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RP Pimpage And Cosplay Photos

I'm here to advertise two roleplays, and to show some cosplay pictures so the post has some substance at least.

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I mod both games, so if you have any questions about either, comment here or poke me on AIM: barunesusa2, or email me at barunesusa@hotmail.com. If by chance I'm not on, you may also contact our other mod at AIM: PeppitasShoes or niennasilimaure@hotmail.com

I also have some cosplay pictures I finally got around to uploading. I cosplayed as Edward Elric, Pride!Ed, and Miniskirt!Hakwye at Sakura Con 2006. Follow This Link To My Cosplay Gallery
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Fanart comic!

I bring a fanart comic (plus a random fanart) to share! ^_^

Title: Overlap
Characters: Movie Ed and Al
Rating: G
Description: Ed's dream overlaps with Al's...
Note: Uh...flying cat army??

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