January 20th, 2007

Death the Kid

Another Ed...but alittle depressing for me

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Hold Me Ed by ~Eds-Tsubasa-girl on deviantART

All I want right now is for someone to hold me while I break down...Ed would be perfect, of course. ^^ I want an Ed to hold while I let out all the sorrow that I've been holding in me for awhile now. Ed always seems to make me laugh or happy somehow. *sniffle* T^T ---> ^_^

Like always, did this in a quick 30min. just to sketch something to get un-depressed. Hope ya like it. ^o^

Divergence: Interlude in Starlight

Title: Interlude in Starlight
Author: Lyra
Rating: PG-13

In which Edward Elric turns surprisingly introspective when dreams of a lost love haunts his nights.

( A gust of wind rushes by, bringing with it the dusty scent of drying leaves, and I can’t help but shiver. )

Works in the Divergence series:
In a Mirror
Interlude in Starlight

Note: All works in the Divergence series contain spoilers for the FMA anime and movie.

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Hei/Ed Fanfic: "Magnet"

Title: Magnet
Author: Militsa
Characters: Edward Elric/Alfons Heiderich
Rating: Soft R for swearing, boys kissing, and a drug-induced freakout
Genre: Plotfic, Yaoi
Warnings: Contains movie spoilers, 1920's tech-geek stuff, and the poetics of Rainer Maria Rilke
Longish and Complete

This is posted on my journal in five parts so please click the link at the bottom of each part to get to the next.
Apologies for the unattractive-looking links to my journal;  cut script not working for me today.

Story: smackdowns, kissing, cloak-and-dagger goings-on and an edifying poet

Illustrations: objects, depressing portrait

First-time Colorbar

Hi, I'm a first-time colorbar maker. ^-^; I've only got one at the moment, and it's EdXNoah. *prepares to get mauled by EdXNoah haters* I like EdXWin, I really do!! I just wanted to do something there wasn't much of.... -_-'

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Fic Exchange!

Hey everyone! I'm here to pimp a fic exchange writersfunk is hosting for Valentine's Day. Since our last exchange was a little bare, we're hoping to get some more participation - so come on over and help us out! Open fandom/open pairing.


January 17-28: Register for the V-day Valentines (the exchange)
January 20-30: Choose assignments
February 14: Post fics

Just for some clarification, you do NOT have to make a request to take a claim. If you do want to take a claim, but not make a request, you can choose from either the "open requests" or the "other requests" (requests from a person who has already had one request claimed).

In order to make a request, you MUST claim a fic, but that does not have to be done until January 30th.

*NOTE: Please remember that, by submitting a challenge, you are in fact agreeing to write something in return.

Click here find out more/sign-up.

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