January 6th, 2007


(fic) Crimson and Clover [gen]

Title: Crimson and Clover
Chapter: #1
Author: infinitesimi
Genre: Plot/gen
Summary: Ed would do anything to save his brother. Anything, even the impossible.
Note: Manga based with nearly no spoilers, unless you don't know about GreedLing. No pairings. Featuring crazy!Ed, or maybe he isn't crazy? Fic will be in five parts

( Crimson and Clover, Part One )

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Divergence, FMA EdxWinry

Divergence: Darkly

Presenting Darkly, the second installment of Divergence, in which a walk in the park turns out to be anything but as mechanical failures occur and the implications of his choice finally become apparent to Edward Elric.

If you are unfamiliar with Divergence, please read the first installment In a Mirror before proceeding.

Title: Darkly
Author: Lyra
Rating: PG-13

( Afternoon sunlight filtered into the small main room and glinted off the carefully polished metal of Edward Elric’s right hand as his fingers drummed in an unconscious rhythm. )

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[Fic] Descent, Chapter 2 (Al/Ed/Envy)

Title: Descent [Chapter 2]
Genre: Action, drama, horror.
Rating: NC-17 overall. This chapter, R for some violent images and language.
Pairing: None this chapter. Al/Ed/Envy-centric.
Spoilers: Wholesale manga and anime spoilers.
Word Count: 3,362
Notes: Alternate series ending. Elements of the anime and the manga are in this story.
Warnings: I am trying to err on the safer side of rating this fic, thus, the R-rating; my tolerance for violence is high, but ymmv.

Thank you, hieronymousb, for listening to me agonize for a whole month about this and looking over it. XD

Previous Chapters: Ch 1 <--If you haven't read this, you will be lost in Chapter 2.

Al knew that Ed wasn't sleeping. Ed didn't talk about it, but Alphonse knew it anyway.
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Some FMA art..

These are some slightly older pieces of FMA art that I have done. These are the first ones that I did, so be gentle. I am still learning. I do have some newer art, but it isnt scanned yet. I will try to get it posted soon. So tell me what you think, please!

A notebook page full of Alphonse scribbles. Done totally in black pen.

A close up of Al's head, done totally in blue pen.

Another Al pic, this time sketched in ink, then colored in Photoshop. I dont like it as much though.

Chibi-ish Al with kitty. Okay, but not a favorite of mine.

The main reason I have been doing Al is because I really cant draw human faces. In the last couple of days I have given it a try with limited success, hopefully soon I can draw the character I really want to- Hughes. *girlish swoon* Okay, so how did I do?
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~~Roy no Mame & Rendez-vous with the military dog~~

Hello everyone, there's a new update in my entry and I have two new Fullmetal doujinshis for sale :

Preview: 2 Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshis

"Roy no Mame" is the third doujinshi of the Mame series by Fuji Shinichi. This time, Roy Mustang is raising up his own bean Edo. "Rendez-vous with the military dog" takes place after the end of the series and features Ed and Roy's angsty relationship.
There are still 2 Harry Potter doujinshis for sale.
To view the bigger pictures and get more informations, read my entry here : Doujinshi Sale
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I've been meaning to do this for a while, so I'll do it now while I'm thinkin about it. And if this doesn't belong here, let me know and I'll remove it ♥

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