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30 December 2006 @ 12:10 am
Title: Love is Love
Chapter: 7 The Truth
Beta: tobu_ishi
Warnings: Kind of end of anime spoilery...
Rating: PG13 I guess? Mild language, some gore later on, and possibly... probably Hentai if I ever get the guts to write it... or con persuade someone else into writing it for me.
Type of Fic: A Looove Story~
Pairing: AlxScieszka
Notes: I don't own FMA. This is derived from RP chats done with various members of the Fullmetal Folly RPG, where I play Al. I had the wonderful task of converting crack into fic. Woot.
Summary: This is why you should not put off talking about important things.

Love is Love: The Truth

1: The Party
2: The Apology
3: The Questions
4: The Goodbye
Interlude (4.5): AftermathWritten by rentetsu
5: The Battle
6: The Hospital
Jellybean Whisperer
30 December 2006 @ 12:00 pm
Japanese Manga Calendar for 2007: Does anyone have this, or any tips on where we can find images from the inside of it? I'm quite curious what new art there might be inside.


30 December 2006 @ 03:12 pm
Title: The Buried Life
Author: Danielle Anderson
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: R
Summary:Mangaverse fic. Ed and Roy have been together for a while but thepassion has died out from their relationship. Can anything be done tobring the spark back?
Warning: manga spoilers
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Beta: everydaylove
( (viii) Huit )
30 December 2006 @ 04:55 pm
This was done for the 30_romances community. So far I have 3 of the 30 stories done.

Go to The Ring to read the first one.
Go to Mind Games to read the second one.

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Cold Feet, Warm Heart
Author/Artist: SeaweedOttter
Theme(s): #1 Cold hands ; Cold feet
Pairing/Characters: Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer/claimer: Set a little before the anime. I dont own these characters, of course.
Summary: Maes was his anchor, his rock. And right now, about his only reason for even being.

It was cold outside. The wind was howling, sweeping up all the fallen leaves and turning them into freezing, multi-angled shrapnel...
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Riza Victoria Hawkeye (Catie)
30 December 2006 @ 05:23 pm
Title:"Sharpshooter and The Ice Princess"
Rating: R(You'll know why later!)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy.
Couplings: Frank X Riza (Yes, you heard right)

Summary: With the coming wedding of Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye is transferred to another unit. One that is run by an Ice Princess. But, little does she know, she's going to end up having her life completely changed. Who knew Frank Archer had a heart, let alone a romantic side?

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30 December 2006 @ 05:31 pm

30 December 2006 @ 10:59 pm

I decided to just... give up on ever naming the first fic. If I haven't gotten around to naming it after a month, I'm not going to. Also haven't really been able to figure out if it's worth a PG or a PG-13 rating. I'm thinking it's probably the former.

sweetlitlekitty's art post is what prompted me to finally post this, by the way.

Title: None. Yet.
Author: Firebird
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Ed/Alfons
Word Count: 400
Warning/Notes/Disclaimer: Characters are not mine and I am not making any money off this. However, they do belong to Hiromu Arakawa/Square ENIX, MBS, ANX, BONES, FUNimation Productions, Ltd.

Fic OneCollapse )

Why post one, when I can post two? :D

Title: Interruption
Author: Firebird
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Er, Fluff?
Pairing: Ed/Alfons
Word Count: 404
Warning/Notes/Disclaimer: Characters are not mine and I am not making any money off this. However, they do belong to Hiromu Arakawa/Square ENIX, MBS, ANX, BONES, FUNimation Productions, Ltd. Rating due to what they were getting up to and one swear. ^_^

Fic TwoCollapse )

((Cross-posted between blau_und_gold, fm_alchemist, and fma_sanity. Sorry to anyone else whom are also in those groups.))

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