December 21st, 2006

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[Fanfic] Armstrong/Mustang - R - "Second Best."

Title: Second Best.
Pairing(s): Alex Armstrong/Roy Mustang, allusions to Roy Mustang/Edward Elric.
Beta: None, all mistakes my own.
Rating: R.
Genre: Angst.
Warnings: Post anime, post movie, loosely attached to canon.
Feedback: Very welcome, please!
Word Count: 396.
Summary: It’s hard to keep going like this, to be second best, but an Armstrong is always humble, and Alex is an Armstrong thorough and thorough.
Author's Notes: Done for my drabble requests for Christmas, for Agora, who requested this pairing (you did it to get back at me after Seamus/Skylar, didn’t you?), as well as sparkles. I seem to be in a bipolar mood swing tonight, from humor to angst, in two seconds flat.

( It’s selfish to want it, to wish so fervently for something so mean, but Alex is just human, despite it all, and no matter how many sparkles he has around his head, he can see clearly: He’s just second best. )

[fic] Ultima Ratio

Title: Ultima Ratio: Chapter One
Author: Well, me. Don't bother checking out my LJ. ;)
Genre: A/U, Action/Horror
Rating: M for now, probably shading later to NC-17
Warnings: A fair degree of violence
Spoilers: None directly, but it may be a good idea to hold off unless you've seen the entire series.
Word count: ~3,000 for this installment
Summary: "There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare."
Final note: Regarding the rating, this chapter is pretty much completely tame, so that's more of a future advisory.

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Fic- Christmas with Ed and Heiderich

Title-  The Price of Heat
Rating- PG
Genre- Gen (with some wondering about which way Ed "swings" and slight awkwardness ensuing)  
Characters- Edward and Alfons
Summary-  Holiday celebration is meager for the young study partners, and some hot drinks might be just what they need.
(I don't know how the feck I managed to make hot chocolate and drunken christmastree heists into angst.  But I did.  D:)

Alfons was fairly certain he had never been compelled to feel this depressed about hot chocolate.

(Fake cut to introspective platonic man-cuddling.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!)
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Happy Hannukka!

Some of you may remember my set of Chanuka fanarts I posted last year.  Some of you may also remember that I missed the 4th candle, for lack of time.

This year I bring you only one candle (due to an even greater lack of time) which will be the honorary 4th Candle of the set.  (Even though tonight we lit the 6th candle already...)

It tried to be Munich!Ed, and ended up Chibi!Al....

The rest of the candles can be found here

Happy Chanuka!
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Yummy candies

new RP Community looking for FMA RPers

Title: Fantasy Cruises
Series: Multi-Fandom
Genre: post-game/movie, pre-game/movie, crossover, etc.
Format: Primarily journal, although AIM logs (posted to the community) are accepted
Rating: Acceptable for all ages

((I hope people don't mind my posting this here...I'm a founder of the community and a mod, and am looking for people to join and RP please do!!))
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6 FMA Icons

[05]Yuugiou GX
[06]Fullmetal Alchemist
[05]Pirates of the Caribbean 2
[08]Marie Antoinette

This Way~!
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Riza - two-part personality

2 fic links: Roy/Riza (pg; postmovie); Ed/Riza (nc-17; au)

Title: The Price That We Paid
Author: kuchenhexe
Theme: #20, Walk (30_romances)
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1798
Notes: This is the second story in a longer arc. Spoilers for the full series and the movie. Begins immediately after the movie's end on the Amestris side of things.
Summary: Everything was almost like it was, once upon a time when there were still dreams left. But they were gone now, or maybe it was just hers that had left, resulting in a hollow shell that paled out in comparison to those that still lived and breathed.

Previous Parts:
      1. When the World Falls Apart

( I let you slip away, there was nothing I could do. )

Title: To Turn the Tables
Author: kuchenhexe
Pairing: Edward Elric/Riza Hawkeye
Prompt: #3, Warm Glow (16candles_fics)
Word Count: 1506
Genre: Shameless smut, aka PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut. Porn. Hot boy-on-girl bump'n'grind. No nudity though. :D

( Riza quickly moved to straddle his thighs, supporting herself with her hands at either side of his head, and grinned coyly. )
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