December 18th, 2006

Things I'll Never Say - Epilogues 1 + 2

Things I'll Never Say

: The following story was inspired by the song Things I'll never say by Avril Lavigne. As soon as I heard this song I thought of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell. This fic also takes place after the series but without taking the movie into account. Only in this Al get's his body back and remembers everything.
Sumarry : Edward comes home to find that they are both different. But can they get over their differences?
Rating : Mature (over all raiting)
Pairing: Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell
Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
Disclaimer: FullMetal Alchemist and all associated characters, locations, and creations © Hiromu Arakawa.

The Rest of the story here

Epilogue 1 + 2
[khr] salute

Roy x Ed x Al x Hei foursome fluff.

Title: Give Us This Day
Pairing: Roy x Hei x Al x Ed
Genre: FLUFF. Pure, ridiculously fluffy FLUFF. Even though the fic is for Cryo, I did not attempt to put any sort of real plot into this story, as it was meant to be a drabble. FWP. Fluff Without Plot. Vignette, I suppose.
Rating: ...I hate rating things. Mm, probably R.
Warnings: Some sensuality but nothing terribly graphic.
Notes: Set in the same universe as mikkeneko's and cryogenia's Building a Bridge of Magpies. Could read as a distant sequel of sorts [or a sequel to a sequel to a sequel...or some such], or a side story. Fic is a present for cryogenia. Title is courtesy of mikkeneko.
Word Count: 1250

(They're all very different: golden eyes or blue, black and grey, autumn-hued and spring-toned, dark as winter rot and bright as sunshine, sky, and summer. But no matter their differences, they have this in common. This home, this life, the past and the future. Four futures into one. Alchemy could've never predicted it, really.)
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Fanfic: Click (Hughes x Mustang)

Just in time for the holidays, here is a bit of Christmas emo writing for all you RoyxMaes lovers out there like me!!

So please tell me what you all think!!!!!

Name: Click
Author: SeaweedOtter
Pairing: Roy x Hughes (and of course implied Maes x Gracia)
Rating: PG for a little language and implied violence.
Spoilers: Set after the end of the TV series (avoiding the movie), around 1920 or so. (around 35 years old)
Beta: None
Disclamers: The characters are obviously not copyright me.

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Untitled Genderswitch - Chapter 3 - Roy/Femme!ED


Title: Untitled
Rating: NR-17 (probably)
Chapter Rating: PG
Pairing: Femme!Ed/Roy
Beta: sapphyre_kikyo  
Summary: Roy's bitter due to the ungrateful/rude way Edward has treated him since she left the military 2 years ago.  How will he handle her showing up and making one of the biggest request he'd ever heard?
Note: I guess I should come up with a title for this, huh?  As alway - Comments, suggestion, flames, and such are welcomed.
Previous parts: Chapter 1  -  Chapter 2

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[Fic] In The Valley Between Intent And Deed (Envy/Winry)

Title: In The Valley Between Intent And Deed
Pairing: Envy x Winry
Genre: Angst
Rating: R for vague sex. 
Word Count: 1,218
Warnings: Spoilers for the anime Episode 23ish.
Summary: Envy hooks up with Winry with ulterior motives (of course)
Notes:  This was written formona_june for the Elricmas Secret Santa fic exchange.  She requested Envy/Winry.

( That was how it began: simple touching, an effort to communicate with someone that showed a genuine interest in her for the first time in forever )
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[Fic] A Better Mousetrap (Winry/Envy, NC-17 warning.)

Title:  A Better Mousetrap
Pairing:  Winry/Envy
Rating:  NC-17
Word Count:  2,455
Warnings:  Rape, torture, and slightly crackish.
Summary: Winry tries to exact revenge on Envy for taking advantage of her.
Notes: Written for the lovely hieronymousb as a Christmas present.  This is also a sequel of sorts to another fic, In The Valley Between Intent And Deed, which was written for mona_june as an Elricmas Secret Santa fic.

( There was a clock on the wall in front of him. He wasn't sure if that was calculated or not, but it seemed like the next twenty-four minutes and thirty-seven seconds were as long as the four centuries he had lived before this. )
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Ed BART tickets

I have nooo clue if anyone's mentioned this yet, but I was sort of amused by it.

Sometime last month, I was on BART...

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Very low quality because I needed to snap a quick shot before the ticket got eaten on my way out (and I'm too lazy to edit the image). Anyone else in the Bay Area see/get one of these tickets? I only just posted these now because I found them when I was cleaning out my camera.

Does this mean anime's made it big time? :P