December 6th, 2006

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[x20] Bleach
[x01] Cardcaptor Sakura
[x01] Fairly Oddparents
[x06] Full Metal Alchemist
[x02] Gundam SEEd
[x02] Gundam Wing
[x06] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
[x10] Naruto
[x04] Pita Ten
[x01] The Prestige
[x02] Samurai 7
[x01] Tsubasa Chronicle

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[Fic] Descent (Al/Ed/Envy)

Title:  Descent  [Chapter 1]
Author:  ASG [ asingulargirl ]
Genre:  Action, drama, horror.
Rating: NC-17 overall.  This chapter, hard R for violence.
Pairing: None this chapter.  Al/Ed/Envy-centric.
Spoilers:  Wholesale manga and anime spoilers.
Word Count:  5,758
Notes:  AU, alternate series ending.  Elements of the anime and the manga have been used here.  Throw the details of anime canon to the wind.
Warnings:  This chapter:  violence and gore.

Thanks to hieronymousb for her amazing help during this.

Ed raised his head.  He struggled to his elbows.  He clapped his hands, feebly, and flung his fingers and every last particle of energy he possessed toward the only thing that could give his brother’s body back. )
Ed's automail

I've gotten so lazy...

Can't even bring myself to finish a mostly-finished AMV. Ugh... Oh well. Watch it anyway? Purdy-please? *flops over*

Song: Ozzy Osbourne - Shot In the Dark
Ed and Scar; diminutive alchemist, and serial killer with the powers of head explodey. Ooooo...
Incomplete. Let me know if you think I should finish this one.