November 19th, 2006

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 We don't have a Winry! Which is horrible! What lj-rp comm lives without a Winry!?


Roy! OMG, we don't have a Roy! *shakes head*

Nor a Riza! Black Hayate has no owner! How can that be?!

No Fury! Or a Havoc to smoke cigarettes! Or Farman!


We are in need of a Schiezka (spelled however you wish) as well!


And since everyone is alive in Smexy Hagaren Crack, that means a Maes Hughes is needed
to show pretty pics of his daughter and go drinking with
Roy in case he is emoing. And he needs Gracia!

Izumi Curtis and Seig Curtis are also waiting to be played! 

And if we are talking about families...where is Trisha? And the old weirdo, Hohenheim?


And where is London!Ed? He should be here somewhere, too!

Along with Noah and beloved Rose.

Russell and Fletcher also need players!

And the sins! We need Greed and Martel and Dolochet and Raw/Law! 
We need that Devil's Nest pub! 
And Führer and Sloth in case we will have no Trisha. Maybe Father, too. ^^;;
(This is crack, so we can mix the anime and the manga.)


Scar should be showing up as well! And oh, good lord...the bad guys!
J. Kimbly (or Kimberly, if you prefer). Frank Archer! And Dante... or Lyra.

And, as given down in every generation, the art of roleplaying as an Armstrong!!!!! 
The whole sparkling family is available!!


And the manga characters! Ling and Ran-fan and Mei-mei with her panda
They are so much fun too!


JOIN US! Smexy Hagaren needs YOU!

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FMA - ToT - Dublith Sign

FMA Fan-Fiction + Fan Art: "Threads of Time" ~ Chapter 4 + ART

FMA Fan-Fiction + Fan Art: "Threads of Time" ~ Chapter 4 + ART

Premise: FMA Divergent AU where, among other things, it was Ed that ended up bound to a suit of armor by his brother, Alphonse, when their attempt to resurrect their mother recoiled and went horribly wrong. Their lives have been forever changed since that fateful night.

This story picks up three years later: approximately two years after Alphonse Elric became the State-Certified "Full-Metal Alchemist," making the brothers 13 and 14.

Characters: Armor!Ed, Automail!Al, and many more to come!
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Genre: AU, humor, angst
Spoilers: None
Length of this Chapter: 5,330

Chapter 1 + Art
Chapter 2 + Art
Chapter 3 + Art
Chapter 4 + Art

"... Over the next thirty grueling minutes, the Rockbell women worked to lay the foundations of what would become Alphonse's automail. All the while, Al had admirably managed to tolerate his fate, and was trying his best to keep his eyes squeezed shut as he forced himself to imagine whatever things he could that were furthest removed from there harsh reality that was taking place around him. Kittens were top among the contenders ..."

~(Fake Cut!)~ FMA Fan-Fiction + Fan Art: "Threads of Time" ~ Chapter 4 + ART


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FIC: Quiet Lies the Hearth (Roy/Ed)

Title: Quiet Lies the Hearth
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,778
Disclaimer: Not mine, blah blah, no money
Summary: It's been a long day.
Notes: For hansbekhart, where the agreement was "I will write you Roy/Ed fireplace!porn if you write me Impala!porn." 7stages prompt "candle in the window." One big gratuitous pile of schmoop. Apologies. Oh, and there's a playlist for download at the end, too.

It’s simple in a way things aren’t simple anymore. It’s the way the wood grain of the doorframe is rough underneath Roy’s hands and the smell of burning cedar permeates the entire house.
[allen] *wink*

[pics] Roy/Ed and one Heiderich

Whew, long time no see on this end! ^^/ But I still do draw some stuff for FMA on occassions (mostly Scar, at this point. Whut XD)

So here are two pics from FMA that I drew.
( Roy/Ed )

And here's an Alfons Heiderich. I don't think spoilers should be needed as to who he is?
( In the Woods )

Also, for the Holiday Season, I am selling a ton of FMA yaoi doujinshis here on eBay. Please go check it out!

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Paku vs. Park?

Does anyone have any clue why Funimation consistently gives Romi Paku's surname as "Park"? Is there actually a reason for this? I checked out the Wiki entry on her to see if I could find anything about it, but there's no mention of that possible spelling of her name at all.

(I love her so much! I'm watching the Talk Session on the LE DVD -- and yes, they refer to her as "Park" in the subtitles -- and I'm just mesmerized by her voice ... she only really sounds like Ed when she's acting goofy or quoting one of the guys, it's interesting to hear him in her voice every so often. She's awesome in Nana, too ...)

Also, has anyone picked up volume 10 of the manga yet? I saw it in the bookstore today and bought it ... so far I haven't spotted any errors, but no one has called Ling by name yet. ;) The only thing that has made me groan was Envy shouting "DARN!" in great anger. Dude ... Envy doesn't do "darn".