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 яэ ☆
18 November 2006 @ 01:01 am
Hey guys~! ♥;;

Couple of things I wanna say. First is, I checked the rules for the community so I know no intro posts are allowed. (I've been around here for awhile anyway~ xD;;) I was just hoping to meet and friend some of you awesome bunch 'cause I really need some more FMA people to squee with. >D;; You know how that goes~ I'm also hoping to find some people to RP with concerning FMA; it's boiling in my blood, I swear. Hope I didn't go overboard with that, Mod. Forgive me if I did~!

Second is, does anyone know where I can find any FMA layouts that I can use? (I've checked the memories section on this too, just to make sure and not make a dumb post.) All credit will, of course, be given where it's due and any help would be very much appreciated! ♥;;

Sorry if this post violates any rules, I made sure to check before posting!

Thanks again!
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Daeva from the Soil
18 November 2006 @ 02:51 am
Made for iconfiend100 where I claimed Frank Archer happily.
I'm willing to molest you every week with automail sociopathic fangirling.


As always, feedback is love x3 !
--And here you go for the prompt table >3
Jellybean Whisperer
18 November 2006 @ 03:06 am
Fan-Art: FMA: (2) Edward Elric in a Suit:

(Fake Cut!) Fan-Art: FMA: (2) Edward Elric in a Suit:

These two older fan arts (2-3 months old? Before I'd ever tried my hand at much of anything remotely Anime, certainly) were inspired by (latter, yet unedited chapters of) the "On the Wings on a Dream" Fan-Fic I'm doing with crazyloststar.

There is a section where Ed has dyed hair, and is in a suit and... yeah. ~Insert random dashing moment.~ These were both really, really quick sketches (in graphite, and then in ink/copic marker/colored pencil, respectively). But I found them lying around my HDD tonight and figured it couldn't hurt to share. *smiles*

Please do not redistribute. :) Thank you!

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18 November 2006 @ 07:00 am

Yay I bring new art for all! :D

(Just click away on the preview. n_n)--(Linked to DA!)

Title: ::Sin:: - Edward Elric
Rating: PG (borderline PG-13 due to suggestive stuff? Hahah Ed in his boxers and may be offensive to religious people? Just in case you can never be to sure. Ed is on a 'cross'. <<)
18 November 2006 @ 09:50 am
Hello everyone, I have that new Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi for sale:

Rendez-vous with the military dog by Rokka&KE100S (RoyxEd)

To get more informations and view the bigger samples, check my entry here: Doujinshis Sale
18 November 2006 @ 07:29 pm
I Hate You Chapter 51
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: R for this chapter (for character death and violence), NC-17 overall

Sorry for the delay on this chapter. More soon!

He couldn’t sleep with the sick feeling that invaded every inch of him, that feeling that something was missing, that you were 10,000 miles from home and forgot to turn off the oven, that a little piece of your heart was gone.