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05 November 2006 @ 11:09 am

  Fullmetal Alchemist: 19
  Ouran Koukou Host Club: 8
  Death Note: 2
  D.N.Angel: 2
  Miscellaneous: 2

  Tennis: 2
  Borat: 2
  Harry Potter 3: 1

Total: 38

Gives A New Meaning to SEXY

x-posted... XD
05 November 2006 @ 06:55 pm
Hi everyone Finally there is a new batch of icons !! ^______^
I hope you´ll like them :] - Here we gooo~


Icons in this post: [71]

[19] x random (tea, sushi, japan...)
[19] x Fullmetal Alchemist / Bluebird´s Illusion
[10] x Legend of Basara
[10] x Hunter x Hunter
[08] x Dragonball
[05] x Haru wo daiteita

(Dakaraaa~ haruka kanata !~)

x-posted (x_x;)
05 November 2006 @ 07:04 pm
I hope nobody minds me asking here, or that it's not under a lock...

I found this pic on the web and was hoping someone could help me find a cleaner and bigger version of it? Also its specs, such as who drew it (I think is an official pic, but could be wrong), and what it was first drawn for, and so on. It's just so pretty and intriguing. Kinda wanna do a fanfic to it... *baps self since has enough things to work on*

The picture is under here so that it doesn't mess up anyone's friend's page. It's not that large though.Collapse )

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05 November 2006 @ 07:38 pm
Last night I was reading my copy of FMA volume 7 (They count as books for my school reading log XD), and I actually noticed something and gave it thought: The red dots on the homunculi's clothes. IE, the ones on Greed's shoulders and stomach, and the ones on Lust's gloves. How are they significant? Are they simply a fashion statement?
I do remember that, in the anime (And maybe the manga, I don't remember), Lust's homunculus powers were cancelled out when spikes were driven though all the red dots, as well as her Ouroborus tattoo. Are they connected?
Your thoughts on the matter?
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05 November 2006 @ 09:44 pm
Type of Work: fanart
Title: Winry's Wedding
Artist: esteltinuviel
Medium: Photoshop 9.0
Rating: G
Spoilers/Warnings: none
Artist's Note: done for ssjkawaiitenshi as a wedding present
Winry's WeddingCollapse )

Type of Work: fanart
Title: Reunion
Artist: esteltinuviel
Medium: Photoshop 9.0
Pairing: Ed x Al
Rating: PG-13 (it's just a kiss...but since it's elricest I think it's a bit more mature)
Spoilers/Warnings: Al with a body
ReunionCollapse )

Type of Work: fanart
Title: For You
Artist: esteltinuviel
Medium: Photoshop 9.0
Rating: G
Spoilers/Warnings: Al with a body
For YouCollapse )

Enjoy and thanks!
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Imagination at it's finest
05 November 2006 @ 10:00 pm
Title: To Walk a Mile (Part 28)
Genre: Body swap
Rating: R
Warnings: Adult Language
Summary: "Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes" has often been said to make you try to see it from someone else’s perspective. Well, what would happen if instead of saying it, it actually happened?
Word Countage: 2,324
Total for fic so far: 65,813
Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
A/N: I bet you thought I was dead (and so was this fic). Nope! Life took hold and swept me off my feet for a while, but now I'm back and feeling ready to tackle this monster once again. Not sure how often I'll be updating, but hopefully it won't be another 8 months before I do ~_~.

It was almost 'unnerving' how quickly things had gone from a situation that was slightly under control to something that 'wasn't' in the least"