October 23rd, 2006


[PICS] My hello

So yeah... hello people! I've come out of a two year lurkage (How long? Lets say I know where Moofy and Envy!lightbulb came from... as well as Zeppelin'd!)to present you with a bit of my work (the FMA stuff is mainly at the first part of my post, but fell free to look at my other stuff...)

Fakest cut ever cutted!

Cross posted like everywhere, so if this appears on your friends list like a couple of times I apologise!
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[art] Al (PG 13)

Manga spoilers... I think...? Kind of? Potential spoiler, at any rate.

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Modified one of the sketches I had in my sketchbook from more than half a year ago. Figured it would look PWNSOME with color. *w* I really didn't mean for it to come out looking like tentacle-porn. I really didn't. @@ Anyway. Enjoy! :D


Forever ago I was asked to make some FMA crack related to fanfic. That was hard but I did my best, so I hope you enjoy this capcrack (if it helps there's tentacle sex, you wanna go see know don't you?).


P.S-Some Roy/Ed bashing, just so you know.

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