October 14th, 2006


Yuri Pile!

I sadly only have a sketch to offer, but fear not, for it is none other than a ginormous (almost) cast-wide yuri sandwich!  More of a Yuri dagwood sandwich than anything, but...

Pairing/Sandwich participants- Lust x Sloth x Izumi x Martel x Hawkeye x Ross x Sheizka x Winry.  (Would have added more, but I ran out of space... )

Warnings- Contains lesbian-ness (Duh!) Copious amounts of gropage, frottage, bondage and tentacle-age, all within a PG-13 realm, so don't get too scared.  Crack.  This is in no way meant to be serious.

Mommy, what does 'Yuri gang bang' mean?

Fake cut to my journal.  Comments will be horded and fangirled over.
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one-shot roots

So I think I remember someone saying that Chapters 1 and 2 of FMA began life as an one-shot but then it got serialized. I know some mangas (like Naruto and MxO) had these early incarnations that differ quite a bit from the actual running manga. Does anyone know if this is true with FMA and there's a more 'rough' version of chapters 1 and 2 floating around? Just curious.

Fic: Twist of Fate Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Characters: Ed, Al, Noah, and other Munich characters
Rating: PG [?]
Genre: AU, angst, drama, light humor
Pairings: HeidxEd
Length of this Chapter: 1,103 [yay for word!]

This fic takes place at the end of the FMA movie: Conqueror of Shambala.

Short Summary:
This fic is based off a theory I have as to what would have happened had things ended slightly differently in the movie. . .

Collapse )

There's only one more chapter to go, and thanks for reading! feedback is more than welcomed. ^^


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Has anyone else tried to order something from http://www.animate-usa.com/ ?  Ive tried to buy the FMA hat since june and I havent gotten a single reply. Ive tried emailing my order and using there sites order form several times for both and no reply. I even had a friend do it for me thinking its my email and still nothing. I want to buy a FMA military hat with the medal badge and so far this is the only site Ive seen that has it. Anyone else have any luck?
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