October 11th, 2006


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Is this thing on? *taps microphone* Okay, hello out there, EdxWinry fans! I have a bundle of joy  and a bit of ficcage for you all!

First: My Mechanical Passion Drabbles are COMPLETE! That's right! It means you'll be seeing the next 10 here very soon.

Moving on, I come bearing...A ONESHOT! Yey!

Title: Advice

chiiko_chan (aka AMC)
Character/Pairing- EdxWinry
Rating: Uh...PG-ish for Ed's potty mouth. XD
Warnings- Al has his body back...that's it. =]

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You may have seen this fic at the vole pit, aka fanficton.net. It's also x-posted to wrench_geek and ed_winry

Hi everyone!

I'm a long time lurker here, and I figured it was about time I actually got brave and posted something, so here it is! A while back, last week or so, I created a new role playing community, and I could use a few more players.


Please, out of the kindness in your hearts, at least go into the info and see if you like it...and if you do, by all means, go ahead and apply! You can either e-mail your application to me (at Full_Metal_Rocker@hotmail.com) or just post it as a comment on the only entry in there. Thanks for your time!
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Actors Interviews :)

I don't know if you all have seen this already or not but I was searching google and came across these. They are really funny. It looks like the cast is having a good time together. And guess thats why it worked so well. I know alot of people aren't fond of the American voices, but it interesting to way and will kill a few minutes of your time. :) I like how Vic is surrounded by women haha

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I wish I could

A favor to ask

Does anyone have any relatively large, good resolution screencaps of Trisha, Hoenheim and Russel? I need them for an icon challenge, and fullmetal-alchemist.com doesn't have any in their galleries. ^^U
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FMA at Nan Desu Kan

In case y'all haven't figured it out, Seiji Mizushima and Madhouse representitives were at NDK this year. While I didn't get many photos of really anything FMA (missed the photoshoot and autograph session. SO depressed about the autograph session- if anybody has anything that Mr Mizushima signed that they can't fit anywhere, I'll buy it off 'ya) I DID get videos. Mostly of the Q&A with Mr Mizushima. I apologise for the shakieness- I got up the nerves to go and ask a question so when I started filming it was like 'blaaaah' @_@

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