September 28th, 2006


Picture request

People, I need your help. I'm looking for a manga pic, not from the actual comic, but from those "additions"... It's Ed daydreaming, imagining himself to be 19 years old and TALL. I'm sure you remember it... ^^ Suppose it's from ch19...?

Please, I need it fast. Thanks in advance. Size doesn't matter, until it's viewable.

My eternal gratitude. ^_^
Kingdom Hearts :: Sora Happy

[Fan Art] Pac-Ed

Yes you heard me. I drew CRACK! xD Hahah, this is basically my first FMA!Crack Fan art. >> So go easy on my crack abilities-ness, yes yes. HAHA. You know you like it.

(complete with Inky!Roy, Clyde!Scar, Pinky!Winry, and Blinky!Envy)

(WEE! Cut to DA~)
White tern

[RPG] omg_alchemist needs you!

Hello there, it's me, shichahn from the fantastic RPG omg_alchemist here on livejournal. Many of you have probably heard from us before, as we are now the longest-running omg-style game run through livejournal in the FMA fandom, and one of the longest-running FMA games here in any genre. As usual, we are looking for new members to play a couple characters (including a movie!Ed, an Al, and a handful of others), but I am here to specifically ask if any of you would be interested in playing Edward Heiderich, a character we had for a while here but then lost as his player became busy and also took interest in other fandoms. Collapse )

That said, if you enjoy role-playing games at all, or if you have never tried a role-playing game and would like to, please come and check out our community! We are very open to new players and love having more characters join us. We promise we are all very friendly. XD Thank you!
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Hughes-and Roy

Travis Willingham Unplugged - the videos!

On Saturday at AWA this year, there was this Travis Willingham Unplugged panel. Many fun things ensued, but here are some highlights.

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Dante/Roze Darkfic

Title: Glorious Concerto, beyond the Static of the Phonograph
Characters: Dante/Roze
Rating: Light NC-17 for sexual contact
Prompt: Set 1 from 7stages newspapers
Word Count: 2242
Summary: (the tubas, the tubas were overtaking the band, big, brassy and making her heart flutter)
Author's Note: Welcome to the world of mind-controlled Roze. Warnings, besides the obvious mind control: yuri (that's about it and it should have been obvious too)

( Glorious Concerto, beyond the Static of the Phonograph [FAKE CUT] )
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Greek Arts- Crack and Not-So-Crack

First piece; was inspired by fyberduck 's excellent fanfic, "Consumed", which is not Greek themed, but it did involve a bit of discussion of Al (aged 19) posing for a "Semi nude" portrait in the style of the greeks, deciding on an apollo theme.
Concept sketch and painted piece Here:

And then of course, as this is fandom, nothing can be classy or serious, and littleduchess just had to be evil and tempt me into this bit of very sexy crack.

In which Royus and Havocles partake in the noble Greek sport of naked wrestling!  (And various other characters are present, in full proper greek sports attire...)