September 27th, 2006


Many doodles and such...

Long time no see, folks. Spent a good time away from anything FMA related, but now I'm back, and with scribbles galore! :D I did all of these during a chat with some of the folks at IRC. This is the most I've drawn in... forever. ^_^;;; Gah, I'm such a lazy artist.

Warning, though. All the worksafe pictures are at the beginning of the cut, but towards the end, some of them, such as the genderswitch or zoofic ones, might wierd you out, or may be considered somewhat non-worksafe, so you have been warned.

Oh yeah, it's picture heavy, so there's another warning to the dail-up users. If it's too much trouble for you all to load the pictures, then I'll be happy to change it to links. Just say so.

( Follow the fake-cut to the place of much scribbliness... )

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More icons! Haha! <3 There aren't too many EdWin ones though...*sweatdrop* I gotta get more scans...
Moving on! Here's the list.

[33] FullMetal Alchemist
[13] Edward Elric
[7] Winry Rockbell

[3] Alphonse Elric

[2] Roy Mustang
[1] Elma
[1] CrowleyxElma
[1] Alfons Heidrich
[1] Ed/Al/Win
[1] Trisha Elric

(there's also a Keroro Gunso...but there's only one. *sweatdrop*

They aren't in any particular order though...I need to learn how to make the pretty tables...

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I come with..Fan art.

Artist: Onee_chibi
Anime: FMA
Pairings (if any): En/Ed
Other Pics: just Envy

If your interested theres Two up there that I drew from WasteLand.

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