September 26th, 2006

The Gender-switch Challenge

The Gender-switch Challenge

Since gender-switch has taken on a recent popularity, I'd thought i'd be fun to do an easy challenge just for laughs.

Take one of your fanfics and rewrite in with gender-switch.  It's that simple - you don't have to think of a new plot or anything!  You may change the sex of just one person, several people, or everyone.  

You may want to tweak the story a little to sound right or change situations as needed, other wise you might have someone referring to a male character's "perky breasts," which would lead to an amusing, but weird sounding story.

Remember to post a link to the original story so people can see if the gender-switch gave it a different feel.

Please don't rewrite someone else's story unless given permission.

I'll post my story Tomorrow.  :)

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7stages: "Line in the Sand"

Title: Line in the Sand
Character(s): Roy/Edward/Alphonse
Rating: PG for language and maybe for the fact that it's a threesome.
Prompt: Set 3 - 4. Draw the line in the sand
Word Count: 867-ish
Summary: Beach. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and it's romantic-like.
Author's Notes: This was an attempt to lighten up. However, I just made this look bi-polar. I wrote a little happy ending for it, but I thought it wasn't so great, so it's optional. An extra, one might say. (Or just an omake.)
Woo, I am on a roll with this.

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RP Pimpin' : Queen Camellia


Out in the middle of the ocean, there is a cruise ship with a multitude of bored, desperate singles aboard. Aboard this ship there are plenty of opportunities for love, hate, crack, and wild parties ... and one of the passengers could be you.

We're just starting up, so there are tons of spots open in all 4 fandoms! We can't wait to see you on the nude deck!

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FMA Drabble: Mr. Wonderful (Roy x Ed-ish)

Oh FMA fandom, I bet you thought I was dead! You were wrong. :) (I am however, reeeeaaaallllyyyy out of practice) Man do I hope no one beat me to this wrong concept.

Title: Mr. Wonderful
Pairing: *just laughs* (Okay it has some Roy x Ed)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: CRAAAAACK! And humor too. In other words, a typical Kyt!drabble.
Summary: Roy spends some quality time with his favorite person.
A/N: Blame Thanks goes to liete who threw this bunny at me about 200 years ago.
Beta: I totally need it ...Any takers?

Roy Mustang smiled dazzlingly...
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