September 11th, 2006

Ed/Riza - saving me

Ed/Riza, NC-17; "The Sum of the Parts"

Title: The Sum of the Parts
Author: kuchenhexe
Pairing: Edward Elric / Riza Hawkeye
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 2178
Warnings: Spoilers for manga chapters 57 on up. Assume AUish future, with Ed 18+ in age.
Written for: Theme #8, "Straight-backed"; Ed/Riza 30 Themes, as translated by ceasefire
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) is copyrighted by Hiromu Arakawa/Square Enix. This is a work of fanfiction for personal entertainment only.
Author's Notes: I don't write mangaverse Ed/Riza. I don't. That's ceasefire's forte and the plotbunny that hopped onto my lap and demanded attention was from her hutch. ...but it was such a cute little bunny, a bunny that swore up and down (and lived up to its word for once!) that it was just a simple, harmless, fluffy PWP bunny and I couldn't ignore it. I think it was bred by the bunny which produced GK's Courage Bared to the Soul.

chaotic_library: She never turned her back to him.

FMA cosplay reference question...

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knew of a resource I could find that would give me in-depth information on the "dimensions" of the characters in FMA-- particularly how *tall* everyone is supposed to be.

The only resource I currently have is a scale drawing of everyone together, showing relative proportions. I am curious about this because of a cosplay group I will be a part of in the near future. (I am a tall person, and have a way of being *too* tall for EVERY character I EVER cosplay! LOL!)

I have a feeling there may be information about this in one of the Japanese artbooks that I have, however, I am unable to read Japanese...

Any websites, scans or translations would be much appreciated.

Thank you~~!
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Hisoka believes

Dating Plot

Title: Dating Plot
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Elricincest (implied), Ed/Winry, Roy/Riza
User: hisokaomi
Rating: G, PG
Gene: Humor, General, One-Shot, slight yaoi
Disclaimer: I do not own any character in FMA.
Timeline: After end of series when Al regained his body, his image was as in movie with ponytail and wore red coat. Assumption, Ed was still in his own world with Al.
Summary: Al noticed Ed became more restless eversince Al got back his own body, so he consulted Roy Mustang for advice and concluded Ed needed a girlfriend....

Dating Plot
sm: beautiful fighters

Fanmix - Roy/Hughes

Greetings! I've worked on my first fanmix for awhile, but I was having a hard time getting enough songs to round it out. And now I do, hooray! To my favorite omgthey'resonotgayREALLY!!111 couple, Roy/Hughes! Warning: this mix contains SPOILERS for both episode 25 AND the movie!

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[khr] salute

Waste Land, chapter 12 parts 3 and 4, Ed x Envy, NC-17 this part

Title: Waste Land [Chapter 12 (parts 3 and 4, completion of ch 12)]
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb]
Pairing: Ed x Envy. Envy on bottom. Because I have issues or something.
Genre: Assorted
Rating: NC-17 (R for most chapters).
Warnings: Violence, smut, psychological themes, dirty details, possible squick?
Beta(s): perivates, parallax_view, and inugrlrayn.
Notes: Mostly a shameless smut segment. Plot will continue in the next part. Warnings for general stuff you'd anticipate with this particular pairing.

Previous parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (p1) | 9 (p2) | 10 | 11 | 12 (p1) | 12 (p2)

(It was, Envy supposed, a very unorthodox way of losing one's virginity: with a four centuries old undead being he'd really rather kill than feel up, on an alien world, in a broken down train car full of splinters, lost in a sea of endorphins and teenage acrimony, sticky with sweat, still half-crazed from fever, and surrounded on all sides by empty wasteland, loud trains, isolation, and endless night.)
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i bring more ficcie. <3

Title: The Clock
Author: ieatchu / shikanashi_kk
Rating: PG or K+
Pairing: RoyEd

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me. The italicized words are also not mine, as it is part of the lyrics of Linkin Park’s ‘In The End’.


“How did you get here so fast?”

Ed smiled crookedly. “What else? I stopped time, of course.”

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FIC: Dawn Was on the Road (Ed/Alfons)

This is me, pimping fic that I did not write. Hey-oh!

Title: Dawn was on the Road
Author: hansbekhart
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed/Alfons
Summary: He dreams of it, sometimes, Envy’s arm going through his chest and coming out the other side.
Notes: OMG I WROTE ANIME FIC. Somebody shoot me. Or maybe shoot sutlers. This fic is for her, and she was kind enough to beta it for me. Thank you, sutlers, for nagging me until I finished Full Metal Alchemist. Feedback is always appreciated.

Alfons says nothing about Ed’s nightmares, but in the afternoon he kisses Ed as they’re bent together over a piece of machinery, Oberth’s voice echoing down the hallway as he chatters.