September 5th, 2006

I mustache you a question!

Fiction: Chapter 35 of Jean Havoc: A Work In Progress"

Title: "Jean Havoc: A Work In Progress"
Author: havocmangawip
Beta: anat_astarte, who is amazing as an editor and rules on rare pairings.  Check out her ArcherxAl
Disclaimer:  Blah Blah, Woof Woof!  I don't own anything, so enjoy.  I do however have a great Mustang Tachi shitajiki and more Havoc schwag than you can shake a stick at.
Spoilers/Warnings: Takes place after manga chapter 38 and is fairly current to the releases in Japan.  Read the manga, it's AMAZING.  Warnings?  Grown ups do what grown ups do, and frank discussion of life post spinal cord injury.  Also, Jean is a pervert.
Summary: Check out my user info for the whole deal- my info

Previous Chapters Archive

Chapter Title:  Birthday Suit
I thought that I must be dreaming.  I had to be dreaming.  My mother had not just seen me naked, in bed, with a girl!  She did not.  No!  No!  No!   

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Earl & Fairy - Lydia - Soft Blush

Fic Post

Title: The Little Things
Pairing: Royai but Riza-centric
Theme: #1 – Uniform
Genre: general
Rating: PG
Warnings: Manga Spoilers for latest chapters up to 62
Disclaimer: FMA does not belong to me; I merely borrowed the characters and settings for idle entertainment.
Summary: At the start of the day, Riza prepares for work, donning the uniform that has defined who she was since she first donned its heavy weight.

(The Little Things)

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JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

[Screencaptures] Episode 46

Hueee~ it´s already episode 46 o___O; ....
Enjoy (^-^)b


Screencaps Info:
Size: 3,84 MB
Screencaptures: 132
Type: .jpg
Format: 640 x 480
Subtitles: No (!)
Note: These are .rar-files. You might need WinRar to open them. Get it here !

[Samples + DOWNLOAD]

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Roy/Riza - Never-changing - G

I think I'm turning into a cross-posting/spam-my-flists up whore. It isn't my best work but meh, it's something.

Title: Never-changing
Author: eaglesspirit
Rating: G
Fandom/Characters: Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy/Riza
Prompt: #12 - is it you? #57 - strangers
Summary: After being gone so long, he thinks that's he's a stranger once again.
Spoilers: Post-movie
Cross-posts: 30_memories, 100_women, fma_het, royai, royai_fiction, fm_alchemist, fullservicefma, fma_writers and eaglesspirit's journal.

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Fic: Chinese Whispers

Title: Chinese Whispers
Prompt: Reunion
Word Count: 3,496
Rating: PG-13-ish (to be safe)
Warnings: Mild language, cross dressing, and general ridiculousness. Slightly AU, since I’m throwing political and alchemical ramifications out the window to give Ling, Al, and the whole military crew happy endings (no, not that kind, you sick freaks.)
Characters: Ed, Al, a dash of the Xing crew, and a dress.
Pairings: Whatever you want to see, honestly. Though a bit of teasing Ling/Ed might be the most prominent.
Disclaimer: I own the plot of this fic only, and it’s certainly not earning me any money. *worships Arakawa-sensei*
Notes: Written for 25fluffyfics, though distinctly more crackish than fluffy. This thing was hell to plan out, but so much fun to write. My profuse thanks to my wife-to-be kyaru; without her request to write about a Chinese-style dress, this fic would never have come into being. Plus she betaed it for me. *grins* Cross-posted...around.
Summary: "It was as if Al had removed a plug from some hidden socket in Ed’s chest, suddenly finding that he could run on his own power."

And run he did...
FMA, Roy

Black Hayate's Adventures at Anime Expo!

Hello, I attended AX a few months ago and took many pictures of FMA cosplayers. Er, mostly myself as Black Hayate with FMA cosplayers. So here are a few of my favorite ones. (I did post this in the royai community awhile back so if you saw it there already, sorry for the repost! I did change some things around though!)

Collapse )

If anyone is one of the cosplayers in any of these pictures and wishes a full sized version of the picture let me know and I'll send you one.

And is anyone attending Youmacon? I'll be wearing Hawkeye and Hayate there. Oh and I'll be wearing Den (Winry's Dog) to Ohayocon so I'll be on the lookout for pics with Winrys there!

Thanks for reading!
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