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04 September 2006 @ 02:03 pm
Hallo there ^^ I made a bunch of icons recently, hope you all like them!

44 icons are included in this post. Please credit if you use, comment if you like ^^ All of my resources are credit to wonderland__ and iiokua. All doujin scans were either found at So Da Sexy or eBay, + random Google hunting.

Fandoms include:

6 Fullmetal Alchemist
(2 Bluebirds Illusion)
3 Yu Yu Hakusho
1 For the Birds: Pixar animated short
2 Hellsing
1 X/1999
6 Saiyuki
6 Kingdom Hearts
5 Final Fantasy: Advent Children
3 Dirge of Cerberus
1 Last Order
10 FF7 Doujinshi icons

Lookit the pretty table . . . )
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The Icon Alchemist
04 September 2006 @ 05:12 pm
Title: Busy Signal
Paring: RoyxEd
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Genre: Yaoi
Notes: All for midnightbanshee, happy birthday! Unbeta'd.
Summary: Innuendos rule.

( “You're going to think what you like, I can't stop you. It's hard, isn't it Fullmetal? To have to serve under someone like me.” )
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04 September 2006 @ 05:12 pm
This has been bothering me for months and the internet yields nothing, so I figured, if the good people at fm_alchemist can't help me, nobody can.

My question: Where does that animation of all the military guys flexing with their shirts off come from? You know, the one that got made into that "Armstrong and the Armstrongettes" icon and the "Vogue ____" icons. And is there anywhere I could find the original?

Sorry if this has been asked before, and I hope somebody can help me, for the sake of my sanity. ;)
04 September 2006 @ 07:23 pm
Ok people I desperately need some help finding an image.
Read more...Collapse )
04 September 2006 @ 08:26 pm
......Bondage, anyone?

Follow the link ---> http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39257232/

( I don't know whether this needs a mature warning or anything......I doubt it. You can't see anything.... )
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04 September 2006 @ 10:34 pm
I spent a little while fooling around in Photoshop and ended up with a bunch of BBI colorbars and Ed icons. ^-^

Fake cut like WHOA.

X-Posted @ blubrdsillusion.
04 September 2006 @ 11:40 pm
Wanted to draw an energetic pic of Havoc/Winry. I keep thinking that if they were to get together, though, it'll be very much like an older brother/younger sister thing.

( "Hustle Hustle! Gotta MOVE MOVE!" )
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