September 1st, 2006

Random - Jane

Crack!Russell Fanart

This is what happens when two fangirls are bored in class together xD 
This started out as just a simple Russell cosplaying as Tinkerbelle but once flame_rose90got a hold of it in percale it turned into kind of Russell cosplaying Tinkerbelle The Playboy Bunny (and man he looks girly xD). But its all for Edward - so its all good xD Hope you guys all enjoy it.

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Rated: PG-13, maybe R if you're really sensitive
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Scary Ed Fanart

This was done a couple years back... becuase when my friend and I get together we used to do random drawing things...
And this was one of them. Why am I posting this? Because flamemetal89 posted a scary thing. .____. (I love you. :P)

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This was actually drawn in 2005.
Now This is what happens when two fangirls are bored. :P (Just kidding.)

Rest of my random art Here :P