August 25th, 2006

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so.. is anyone going to see the movie today/tomorrow?

i think i might go to the one that is at Randolph, Ma. the place is a 10 mint drive from me.. yay! *does dance*

im wondering if i should order tickets, im not sure if it is going to be terribly busy, because I dont really want to have to get there really early just to get a seat.
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cosplay help >_

I'm looking for Screen caps of Ed in the Hospital after the lab 5 arch. ep. 22 and 23.. I can't find any >_< So I reach out to you FMA FANS...PLEASE HELP ME . I want to do that costume for my next Con.

T_T I would be soooo Happy Thanks ^^

Fanfiction; "A Measure Of Time ch. 2" [Jean/Roy & Ed/Riza, PG-13]

Title: A Measure Of Time Chapter Two: Pressed Between Pages. [theme # 11; “gardenia”]
Author: ceasefire
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang, side pairing of Edward Elric/Riza Hawkeye.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2977
Warnings: Manga future AU; if you don’t know what happens in Chapter 38 and onwards, please be aware of major spoilers.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is the rightful property of Hiromu Arakawa. This is a fanwork written purely for both your entertainment and mine.

You did get sworn in as Fuhrer today, after all. People are going to be showing you their exact sentiments about your appointment for the next few weeks, at least.”

“So long as their sentiments don’t involve eerily ticking packages left on my doorstep.”

Previous Chapters: Chapter One
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Fanfic: A Story To Tell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Title: A Story To Tell
Fandom: FMA (anime version, in the Balance of Power post-series AU)
Character(s): Ed, Al, Hughes, various OCs
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13 (for language and general rudeness)
Warnings: Implicit end-of-series and movie spoilers.
Challenge: Theme #5 ("I couldn't do that. Could you do that? Why can they do it? Who are those guys?") of the cbs_crackfic Thirty Pop-Culture Prompts Challenge Contest (although this doesn't constitute an official entry, since it goes way over the maximum word-count. I'm just having fun writing my first piece of action/adventure/comedy!)
A/N: This story takes place after the end of the currently-running storyline of c_b_syndrome's Balance of Power plotfic, but requires only that you understand the basic premises of that piece: that episode 25 didn't end as it seemed to and that Ed (his automail camouflaged by a layer of latex), a restored Al and Maes Hughes have been forcibly relocated to the early twenty-first-century American Midwest and are now on the run from their chief antagonist in the company of some friendly locals. I also borrowed some implicit backstory from mikkeneko's ongoing plotfic Temperance (compleatur!), because I'm enjoying it so much. Crossposted from nebroadwe to Höllenbeck (i.e. cbs_crackfic, fm_alchemist, fullservicefma, fma_gen, fma_writers, and fma_fiction).
Dedication: For all the Crackbunnies, of course. This is your fault. And for John, who kept begging for the next installment.


Crawling on his hands and knees through the tunnel, Andy Prentice once more counted up the ways in which tonight sucked dead rhinos through a straw.
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[Request] Drama CDs

Does some one have the whole Drama CD of Sareki No Daichi (A Land of Pebbles?) and The Crown Jewel of Heaven?
If you do, would you mind uploading it at YSI or whatever other updating place you like...

It would be very nice. *has like, one part of each*
I am becoming obsessed with Drama CD's now. .___. And I was wondering if it was at all possible.

Thank you so much in advance! :D
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Ficlet: Repent

Title: Repent
Pairing: light Ed/Al/Hei
Rating: PG, for themes. I know it's not G.
Warnings: MOVIE SPOILERS, if you couldn't tell by the fact that it has Heiderich.
Disclaimer: FMA is property of Hiromu Arakawa, Bones, Funimation, and Square Enix. So it's not mine.
Notes: Oh wow, I love playing around with Christian imagery. Or in this case, Lutheran imagery. Tee hee.
I remember someone mentioned to me that if you don't point a mistake out, then maybe no one will notice it anyway. Well, I still don't feel entirely comfortable with this, so yeah.

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