August 24th, 2006

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Seven Deadly Sins Colorbar <3

After being Photoshop deprived for quite some time now, I decided to see if I could remember how to use it by making a bar. A Seven Deadly Sins Bar came to mind, and this is the finished product. I'm very proud of it; I hope you guys like it!

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Ringo: just plain awesome

MTAC's FMA Movie Party!

I didn't see this posted in the group, so I thought I'd throw it out there for those who might be interested.  This comes straight from the MTAC crew.  (Just arrived in my mailbox last night!)

Greetings all MTAKU! This weekend MTAC will be making an appearance at MTAC's theater of choice - the Carmike Thoroughbred 20 in Cool Springs! For what you ask? A special screening of the Full Metal Alchemist movie - Conqueror of Shamballa! MTAC will be hanging out during before, during, and after the movie screening at 9:30 this Saturday (the 26th). COSPLAY IS ENCOURAGED! The Thoroughbred is very excited to be one of the few theaters in the area showing the movie and wants to see as many anime fans come out and have a good time as possible!

EB Games will also be on hand demoing cool games and giving away free merchandise. Additionally, MTAC will be accepting pre-registrations for MTAC Prime ON LOCATION this weekend.

For more details visit the MTAC website (


As a veteran Mtaku, I'd love to see some of you join us.  ^_^

(As a sidenote, a few of us are also going Friday night.  Same theater, roughly about 8:30, and definitely in costume.)

[EDIT 1:07 PM]  I failed to realize that the state wasn't included in the announcement email.  Sorry about that, guys.  This is in the Franklin/Brentwood area of Tennessee.  Home of MTAC - Middle Tennessee Anime Convention.

I'm terribly sorry about that.  -_-()

Cathy&#39;s House

Oh jeez, another post about the movie!

In case some of you haven't checked in a while, CoS is in fact playing in Los Angeles at The Bridge. What's bothering me is that the FUNimation page says it'll be playing tomorrow (Friday the 25th) at 4pm and then Saturday the 26th at 9:30pm, but The Bridge's website doesn't list it for tomorrow (it's on the list for saturday though). Does anybody know which is true and which one is full of LIES?

I called the number (which is conviently NOT on the Bridge official website) and after hearing how awesome the Bridge is and how I could see a children's movie if I brought in a book report by LAST LAST WEDNESDAY, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala is in fact playing friday at 4pm. Woo!

And of course I'm going to ask who's going which day and WHO WILL COSPLAY?
Chibi! Ed

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So today, I was finally compiling my old music files into my iTunes folder with all my bought and Cd imported music.

Then when I cleared out my iTunes library and readded everything so it was complete with no holes/duplicated.

And it did a VERY bad thing.

It screwed up ALL my Hagaren Song File stuff...ALL of it.  Despite the fact that the text was in english characters, some of the songs it completly warped the title, like one was changed to \03 »È®É­p.mp3.  WTFH?

There are a few that were left alone enough for me to tell which was which for me to fix.  But the rest, I'm pretty clueless on.

So a request of you wonderful people....can you list me the track names for them?  Just give 'em all (or what you remeber), and I hopefully can narrow everything down.  If you have the track TIMES too, I'd be very greatful, since that would help me figure out which is which on my own without having to possibly having to track them down and redownload then (which I really don't want to have to do out of fear iTunes will screw it up all over again).  Some of them I've only listened to once or twice, so I can't recognize any that way.

Thanks a ton.  And have some cookies.  Everyone loves cookies.

And Pie.  Come on, who doesn't like pie?
Cortana Cosplay

I made a set of FMA kitchen tiles!

I work at a Ceramics Cafe, and I'm able to paint stuff for cheap. XD

So, being a huge fan of the homunculus, I based a tile set on the 7 characters.
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My scanner decided to kill the purple writing - yes, I painted each of their names in dark purple but it's almost impossible to see in this scan. Looks good in the light though.

These took me about 10 hours or so, and I'm probably gonna do Lust again, as the black didn't come out as strong as it did on the others. The er, red writing decided to spaz towards the end of 'ALCHEMIST', but I'm pretty happy with them....^^
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