August 19th, 2006

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Hentai Winry Flash



I was looking around on random Flash websites, trying to find games and the like and I came across this gem. It's a flash "minigame" of Winry. More like a pr0n game. Basically you can strip her of her different outfits and make her breasts bounce and jiggle. It's Hentai, and it amused me.

Again, this is pr0n...XD
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Quick Question

I am not too good with the creating of icons, but i am always listening to songs and thinking "man that line could work with FMA in this and this way...wish i could make that an icon!"

so if i were to compile a list of one liners that relate to FMA [in my own little mind] is there anyone who would be willing to create a few icons for me??

*puppy eyes*

i could um sketch something for you? [it would take me a long time but i could!]
or bake you a cake.
or cookies even.
or FLAN!!

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Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle
-3 Kurogane
Bleach (mild spoilers)
-2 Ichigo+Ishida
Konjiki no Gash Bell
-6 Kiyomaro
-1 Zeon/Kiyomaro
-1 Folgore/Kiyomaro
Ouran Koukou Host Club (mild spoilers)
-3 Kaoru
-2 Hikaru/Koaru
-1 Kaoru/Haruhi/Hikaru
-1 Kaoru/Tamaki/Hikaru
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
-3 Umeda
Fullmetal Alchemist
-1 Roy
-1 Edward/Alphonse/Roy
Trauma Center: Under the Knife
-1 Derek
-1 Derek/Angie
-2 Angie
-2 Greg
-1 Tyler
Kingdom Hearts (spoilers)
-2 Kairi
-1 Kairi/Naminé
-1 Riku
-1 Xigbar
-1 Luxord
-1 Demyx
-1 Ansem+Sora
Family Guy
44 Total


(Okay, so the cut's fake. Sue me.)

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FMA "Shambala" movie opening!

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone was planning on heading out to opening night of the FMA movie. It's coming up this weekend!

I am located in the Northeastern US, and I have been considering trying to make it to the showings in either NYC or Randolph, Mass. (Or BOTH!)

So, yeah. Here is the link the theatre listings, if anyone would like to see what's playing near them. It was just recently updated:
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[khr] salute

Waste Land [chapter 12, ongoing]

Title: Waste Land [Chapter 12 (part 2 of 3, ohmygosh)]
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb]
Pairing: Ed x Envy (Yah, in that order), with Envy 'topping from the bottom', so to speak.
Rating: NC-17 or really hard R for this part.
Warnings: Violence in the context of fighting, random sarcastic prose, psychological weirdness, intensity (I hope) all around, complete lack of plot development, prelude to smut. Smuttiness, though not finished smuttiness. Ohmygoddontkillme
Other stuff: See my previous updates.
Beta: perivates, who suggested that I act evil and post the remaining parts of this chapter one at a time as opposed to all at once.

Previous parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (p1) | 9 (p2) | 10 | 11 | 12 (p1)

(He tasted, Envy thought when he kissed him, like salt and sugar, like iron and metal and acid ions, like soil and sweat and that heady, heady taste of human--heat and blood and musk and chypre and so many other things; the liquor of a human body was a perfume made of oils, a wide variety of tastes and scents that a homunculus's single unique imprint could never hope to parallel--a noxious brew, to be sure...)

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Fanfiction; "A Measure Of Time" [Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang, PG-13]

Title: A Measure Of Time
Author: ceasefire
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang, implied Edward Elric/Riza Hawkeye
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1454
Warnings: Manga future AU; if you don’t know what happens in Chapters 38-44 please be aware of major spoilers.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is the rightful property of Hiromu Arakawa. This is a fanwork written purely for both your entertainment and mine.

Mustang couldn’t safely say that he had thought of it from a comparative perspective, and upon reflection he found it to be superfluous anyway, because the suffering he had endured over the past few years was vanishing like smoke against a brighter dawn.

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Fma- crackyness

Title: The fake assignment
Author: Me
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warnings: Complete lack of plot and logic, and a sad attempt at crack. I'm a sucky writer.
Other stuff: Nothing, really...
Beta: My older brother, who is lJ-less

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although I'm fond of reading mushy fics, I am not fond of writing them, so please excuse this sad attempt of a drabble. XD

inspired by an icon I saw just a few hours ago, but for the life of me, I can't remember where I found it. ^^;;


Title: Coats Off
Author: ieatchu / shikanashi_kk
Rating: PG or K+ for yaoi
Pairing: RoyEd

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me.

"What made you believe me?"

Ed smiled, "You took your coat off and stood in the rain."

( lalala~ )
Cool [DS] [Protag]

OMG. Fluff.

Wow, okay. My first FMA fic.

Title: Graveyard Dreams
Summary: Al is woken up in the middle of the night by... something. Or someone.
Disclaimer: Not mine. No characters are mine and I'm probably stealing this plot from somewhere.
Author: atrypical
Characters: Al, and Ed (sort of).
Pairing: None, surprisingly.
Rating: PG? At the higest? XD
Spoiler Warnings: ...PROOOOOBABLY end-of-series spoilers.
Notes: I so intended this to turn out as a smutfic, but it just didn't want to do it. XD

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Last Train Home songfic

Was looking through some of my old deviations ( an' found this.

Title: Last Train Home
Summary: Basically, no plot, just lots of angsty edo.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author: Me.
Characters: Ed, mostly. Others are barely metioned.
Pairing: None
Rating:pg-13 for language
Spoiler Warnings:spoilers concerning hughes, and the first few episodes. nothing big.
Notes: Really... sappy. You may get stuck in teh sappyness. And it's really bad, I know > >:

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APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky
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Drabble: Flying Spaghetti

Title: Flying Spaghetti
Summary: Roy and company discuss the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Disclaimer: Neither properties are mine.
Characters: Roy, Riza, Havoc, Furey, Breda, Falman
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Spoiler Warnings: None
Notes: This is just a really quick drabble that will eventually become of a large alternative crack universe in which Roy and company are members of the Royal Navy attempting to cathc pirates. Given the Flying Spaghetti Monster's view towards pirates, my friend Lia and I want to throw the FSM in there. I wanted to pen down what Mustang and company's reaction would be. Don't know what the FSM is? Click here to be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

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Kamen Rider Decade

Emotion Icons

Okay, I have been working on these for a few months now. Its been a long process and a tiring one. I wont be making another set, so I wanted to share these. I know they aren't all the same size, but thats because of the pictures I was working with. Every emotion has it own picture to go with it. :) Thats where the work was really coming into place. I made sure of that. And they all have Ed in the picture one way or another.

So now! Enjoy everyone. I don't care if you hot link. Just please give credit to me! Thats all I ask cause it was alot of work. So now....Please enjoy! Also tell me what you think. Also I would like to add. If the Mods for this community would like to use the emotion Icons as well I wouldn't mind. I would be honored. :) So all ENJOY!!!
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[fic] Second Coming

Warnings: Needs beta-ing for continuity, and probably bits of grammar. Sort-of character death (you'll have to read to find out)
Rating: Probably an R.
Pairings: Roy/Havoc, implied Roy/Ed
Notes: The result of Martin Amis and exam stress.
Disclaimer: Full Metal Alchemist, its characters and situations, are not my property and you're better off suing somebody who actually has money.
Summary: Linearity, and sadness.

The concept's interesting at least, and I hope you like it as much as I do. Feedback makes me deliriously happy :D

(you don't realise he's dead, but then hindsight's twenty-twenty)

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