August 15th, 2006

Heart of glass

2 fics; EdxRiza, RoyxRiza - both G

Title: An Afternoon Meeting
Author: kuchenhexe
Theme: #15, Heart and soul (21_hearts)
Pairing: Edward Elric / Riza Hawkeye
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1101
Notes: Can be Winry/Sheska if you squint. I have no idea where this fic came from, or what the sam hill is up with this style or anything. I just know I was poking at the themes and suddenly Winry spoke up in a first person narrative and this is what I got.
Teaser: I swear, for someone as brilliant as Ed, he can be the densest doofus in Amestris about certain things.
chaotic_library: An Afternoon Meeting

Title: For Whither You Go
Author: kuchenhexe
Theme: 52. To the last syllable of recorded time (52_flavours)
Characters: Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye
Rating: G
Word Count: 1104
Notes: redbrunja asked me in a comment to another fic why my RoyxRiza fics were less fluffy and happy than my EdxRiza ones. Admittedly, due to circumstances and dynamics, it's harder to fluff these two. So I poked a the theme list, and got hit with this in total clarity. I'd been holding out on this theme for another bunny I've had since Feb of '05, but I know I'm never going to write it now. There's a crucial scene with Havoc I had in mind that I know I likely wouldn't be able to write without coming too close for comfort to ripping off John Goodman's speech in "Always". After all, none of my names begin with 'C', let alone two. So redbrunja, this one's dedicated to you. You asked about fluff, and I'm sorry. This one's chock-full of cavity-inducing mush, I'm afraid. ^_^
Summary: Roy Mustang had faced the horrors of war, of near-death, of walking, breathing nightmares that people were better off not knowing existed, but he'd never been more terrified than he felt at that moment.
chaotic_library: For Whither You Go
[Other] - Real Life - Buddy

One Shot - First Love

[fanfic] One Shot - First Love (Forgive my cheesy title)
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, or any rights to merchandise of Fullmetal Alchemist
Author: noob_alchemist
A/N: one shot takes place in the non-alchemical world (our world) in Germany, 1920-something (I can't remember when the movie takes place, XD) a year after the series ended. Edward: age 17, Alfons: age 16. My first time writing sex, period. Idea came to me when I was in a horny mood a few monthes ago.
Pairing: Edward Elric/Alfons Heidrich
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning[s]: SWEARING, LEMON (lemon = very discriptive sex), END OF SERIES/MOVIE SPOILER[s] (If you haven't seen the FMA movie, & you don't want to have some of it spoiled, DO NOT read this one shot!)
Word Count: 2,018
Summary: Collapse )

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[HG] built up our own world together

Some random icons..

Just some icons I made...warnings: the last one is spoilery for Ep25, and another one, i used the picture from ill_ame, and just changed the text, so credit goes to her for the image itself!

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Rorschach field

Fic Dump: Hei/Al Implied other pairings. All ratings

Title: Between Sheets and Arms
Author: wofl_iron
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Au, Mild Comedy, Yaoi
Pairing: Al x Heiderich
Warnings: Post-Movie AU (SPOILERS)

( He squeezes his eyes tighter, buries his face in the pillow, and tries to think of ice and rain and the dead kitten he’s seen in the road a week ago )

Title: I'll Take the Low Road
Author: wofl_iron
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Au, Yaoi
Pairing: Al x Heiderich
Warnings: Angst, character death, Post Movie AU (SPOILERS), weird writing style
Notes: For: thewolfplush

( And suddenly, those kisses are painful, to strong a reminder of the way Edward used to kiss. Fast and greedy and he never, never asked, just took and took never spoke a word. )

Title: Horus and Set
Author: wofl_iron
Rating: R
Genre: Au, Lime, Yaoi
Pairing: Al x Heiderich
Warning: love triangle, post-movie AU

( Sex is not a gentle thing. It is rough, demanding; a hopeless search for something Alphonse will not find just by fucking the same person his brother has. )
Jamie and Victoria

Historical Ficcage

This fic takes place in the same world as the other historical fics.

Growing pains
Characters: Ed, Winston Churchill, and Al
Rating: G
general historical fluff and brotherly love.
Pairing: Ed and Noa mentioned
WARNIGS: MOVIE and END of SERIES Spoilers...
Ed learns he needs to grow up...

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