August 8th, 2006

Nightwing-chan kawaii desu ne!


So at the request of dragonscholar, I'm posting this . . . really bad fanart I did of Roy and Ed dressed as The Beast and Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Now that I think about it, it probably should have gone the other way, but I couldn't resist the visual of Roy in The Beast's outfit and Ed in Belle's dress was more of an afterthought than anything. ^.^;;;

Oh, right, also please excuse the badness. Roy's all . . . out of proportion and hands are the devil. It's been a year, though, so I promise I've gotten better. XD

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I'm having a huge FMA doujinshi sale over at my sales journal, here. Gen, bl and yaoi (most of it, actually). Please take a look if you're interested!

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Fic: The Properties of the Elements [Roy gen, PG]

(Crossposted to fma_gen, fm_alchemist, fma_sanity. Apologies for the spamming of friendslists.)

Title: The Properties of the Elements
Characters: Roy Mustang, various
Rating: PG
Summary: Seven interconnected ficlets on Roy Mustang, framed around a passing conversation as he prepares to try for the position of State Alchemist.
Notes: Done for fandom_mashup, for aishuu, with her fics "Twenty Ways to Die" and "Convection". Basically the idea is to take two or more of an author's fics (with permission) and borrow ideas from two (or more) of them to write a new fic. Here I take the format of interlockling ficlets and combine it with the idea of Roy's alchemy being mostly air-based, despite his title of Flame Alchemy.
Warnings: Episode 25 spoilers.

( Roy remembered sitting down to the written test to become a State Alchemist. )
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Join uk_syndicate_rp!

uk_syndicate_rp is currently looking for members. It is an AU, multi-fandom based off movies such as Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. An RP with a twist of mob-dealings and humor.

I thought since we are currently looking for characters of the FMA fandom this would be a good place to ask around~ Please feel free to delete this ad if not wanted~

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ye snail

Crackfic: Nevermore, Quoth the Elric

Title: Nevermore, Quoth The Elric
Rating: PG-13 for language, gayincestbabies, and other kind-of inappropriate things. I guess.
Pairings: Elricest! (and a few others, but they don't matter.)
Warnings: Movie spoilers! Crack incest MPREG!
Comments: For moon_maiden36 whom I said I loved in a platonic way that involved writing Elricest MPREG. I wanted to write a crackfic, and so I decided that I cannot leave my public waiting. Thanks to easilyabused who read this first, and to firelady113 who loves me for writing this.

Does anyone have Jerry Springer's number?

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Nightwing-chan kawaii desu ne!


And in lieu of the badness of the fanart, I've got at least fairly decent icons to make up for it.

The first set are based on the song "I Don't Know How to Say Goodbye" by Linda Eder and the second are . . . just random icons.

Credit if you want, just don't claim you made them or I'll be sad. ~.^

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I emerge...

I really haven't done much for this community, so here's a little pic I thought I'd post to keep myself from being a lame-o stalker...^_^;;

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X-Posted. Sorry. >_
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