August 7th, 2006

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Okay, so I was being random and decided to look up on wikipedia about arsenic when a certain name reference caught my eye.

Paul Ehrlich.

I think that this guy possibly influenced the last name of our lovely heroes Edward and Alphonse Elric. I looked further into him on wiki and he was a German scientist! (like in Shamballa!)

Also, if you you were to write Ehrlich in Japanese it would be Eruriku, exacly how Edo's last name is spelled in the original. :O!!

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Nightwing-chan kawaii desu ne!

Screencaps anyone?

This really shocks me, but I'm having a hard time finding shots of Gracia Hughes for icon-making purposes. So I'm wondering if anyone here has any or knows where I can find some good ones. I'm really looking for some from the end of episode 38.

Also if anyone has any of Trisha as well that'd be awesome. Thanks!
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Let My Alphonses Go

Title: Let My Alphonses Go
Author: ex-FAHgeek
Rating: PG-13... eh, maybe PG-15 instead.
Genre: Humor
Beta: Kalika Maxwell
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. That distinction belongs to Hiromu Arakawa.

This fic is based in the Brothers-verse of Kalika Maxwell's fantastic "Brothers" fanfic. If you do not have the time to wade through 34 chapters of writing that is far superior to mine, I think this little humor fic stands pretty well on it's own, keeping three things in mind:

1) "Brothers" is an EdxHeiderichxAl OT3. It's rather blatantly mentioned here as well.
2) Russell and Winry are both domineering taskmasters.
3) Al is a foolish little boy who came up with a foolish little plan. It doesn't actually have a bearing on this fic's plot, but as it gets mentioned briefly, I thought I'd make a note of it. To find out what that plan was, read Brothers!

Now, on to the fic!
Shenanigins are afoot


Another AMV! This turned out so much better than the first! ::Is proud of herself:: Ah, no more serious ones, it's thirty-second parodies from here on out. I don't think my computer can take much more ... ~.^ Pleasepleaseplease rate!

Song: Sic Transit Gloria ... Glory Fades by Brand New
Warning: Sloth innuendo (And maybe a little Greed)
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Community Pimping :]

Hallo everyone :D

If I could just take a bit of your time, I wanted to know if anyone was interested in joining our RP group, amestrisdreams!

We pretty much need everyone EXCEPT
Edward Elric*
Alphone Elric*
Maria Ross
Denny Brosh
Riza Hawkeye
Maes Hughes

*These are just temporary roleplayers, so if you'd like to go for them too, be my guest :D

If you are certain you want to join, please send an audition piece to our Riza, at her e-mail address;

Thank you all, and I hope to be roleplaying with you soon :D

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Neon Rainbow [Default]

[Fanfic] Ed/Envy - R/NC-17 - "Pride."

Title: Pride.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Characters: Envy, Ed.
Spoilers: None.
Rating: R/NC-17, for yaoi, sex and non-con.
Genre: Angst.
Pairings: Ed/Envy.
Feedback: Feed my crazy!
Quote: "Pride is a joke that will make the stranger within you laugh, sooner or later." ~Me.
Word Count: +/- 290.
Notes: Er... don't know, I felt in the mood to write Ed/Envy to cheer myself up after the loss of some drabbles. I discovered I'm really bad at cheering up. XD

( Pride )
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Fullmetal alchemist RoxEd doujinshi

author: kamapon (me:))
Title: Kiss me Kiss me Babe
Pairing: royxEd
Rating: nc-17
Notes:Hope you enjoy this! I've been wainting to have it whole to post it^^ In case you would want to see each page separatedly, tell and I'll post, but i though it'd be easier to post the zip and of course the cover!
Collapse )
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nah-nah we has snow here


So for the past few days I've been making manga icon bases from chapters 60 & 61 and here they are  
There's 50 of them: 
4-other things/people
3-Roy & Riza

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