August 2nd, 2006

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A FMA AMV Challenge Community

Hey. I usually don't like shamelessly whoring out anything that I do, but I just set up fmamv_challenge. It's a AMV challenge community for the FMA fandom and we're just starting out. We're in desperate need of people who are interested in competing as well as voters to help decide each month's winners.

The basic idea is a monthly challenge using a song, pairing, episode, theme or character and allows each AMV maker to interpert it as they wish. The winner is decided by popular vote each month. If you think you're interested please join.

This month's challenge is a song challenge. More information on this month's competition is here. The complete rules can be found in the community's profile.

Hope to see you guys there.
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amestris_high rp

I posted this last week, and we've had a blast doing this, but we still need some characters! They're disappearing rapidly, so please apply before all the good ones gone.

I've created a new FMA role-play community called amestris_high. This is an rp comm that takes FMA and sets it in high school complete with all the drama and excitement of real high school. A list of playable characters may be found here

How to apply You can apply by comment on this entry or go to the comm.

Which other FMA related communities you are a member of:
Character you wish to play:
Why you wish to play this character:

We really need some people to play the remaining characters. Everyone has been having a lot of fun, but I know it will be even better once we fill in some more people. Please join and thanks for your support!

WARNING: right now this comm has an elricest, yaoi, and yuri slant so if you don't like, don't join!
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[OT4 Lyrics Challenge] ... And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All

Award: Best Story to Curl Up With In a Tent During a Sandstorm (The author also receives the honorary award of Most Obsessive-Compulsive Revisionist, for the record.)
A/N: Wears the badge proudly!
Title: “…And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All”
Word Count 4500 (somewhere around there, anyway)
Author: c_b_syndrome.
Pairing: None, really. Unless you squint real hard, hold your tongue just right, and tilt your head to the left, then it –might- be construed as Hughes/Mustang.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I’m just playing in this sandbox.
Rating: Hard PG-13, tapping on the shoulders of R for intense themes and brief full-frontal male nudity.
Author's Notes: The story just dips its toe into the mangaverse in that Hughes is stationed at Ishbal. The rest could be considered a/u, or divergent time-line, or somesuch. You decide.
Betas: fictionalizedme who cheered me on and picked at the rougher parts; aliasheist who performed triage on my trainwreck of an opening; mjules who was gentle, and stroked my ego in a big way when she first read this; and of course, nebroadwe who seems to channel Hughes in the most delightful ways. All whip-wielding betas rock my socks!

OT4 Challenge lyrics: I stumble like a blind man//With eyes blacked out, a mouth of sand//And you rescued me… Kevin Max (You Are the One)

Summary: Most people only listened to words, but the silences between them could also speak volumes to the attentive ear.
artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

AMV-The Ultimate Showdown

This is an amv to the song The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon featuring the anime of FMA, Avatar the Last Airbender and IGPX (mostly FMA and Avatar though).

There are only slight SPOILERS for FMA, I'm not even sure if they are, but I warn you now just to be safe.

I hope those of you who watch it enjoy. :)

YouTube link:


Oh yeah, if you watch this you'll get to see my new cracktastic logo ;)

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I was just printing the Friday Schedule for the Chicago Wizard World And there is a thing on there that they will be screening the Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Friday Night.

Now if this is like last year (When they screened Red Eye) they will be giving away special "Tickets" at one of the Booths to get to get on the bus that will take you to the Theater. I just thought I would let all of The Chicago FMA fans get the Heads up. For more info go to

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Title: Drowning
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Roy/Hughes, Hughes/Gracia, Roy/Hawkeye
Summary: War sucks. A lot.
Notes: Many thanks to mjules and livetolove for the betas. Spoilers up to Chap 59. Mostly inspired by the lyric "I've been burning in water and drowning in flame." from H.I.M.'s Under the Rose. Written for the fma_ot4 lyrics challenge.

( Drowning )

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Hi a few weeks ago my brother had to redo our computer because of a virus and I lost my favorite icon, i was wondering if someone could b kind enough to help me find it. It had Barry and Riza from the manga. And it said love at first site...ummm yeah. Thanks in advance for everyone's help =)