July 30th, 2006

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[fic] Goodbye

Name: Goodbye
Rating: pg
Fandom: FMA
Genre: angst
pairing: none
warning: none really...if you don't know what went on with Izumi you might be confused but that's about it
Summary: Izumi talking about her baby, the italics are lyrics from a song "Insa" by the band TVXQ. Ironically enough, Insa means "Greeting"

Enjoy =3

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heehee, I almost never post here (but I am always lurking someplace)
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JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

35 x FMA icons ^__^/

Ha .. haha~ *coughs* @_@ Also I didn´t feel like uploading them, cuz of people stealing my stuff or not getting why they should give credit, I´ve now decided to finally upload my next batch of icons.
Over 80 this time, I guess this is a new record XD~
Although I love FMA´s Bluebird´s Illsusion I´m not satisfied with the fma icons this time :/ ...
Nya~ enough. I hope you´ll enjoy my work <3


Icons in this post: [81]

[35] x Fullmetal Alchemist
[20] x Fushigi Yuugi
[18] x Please save my earth
[08] x Tenshi na Konamaiki

(mada mada mada mada ... XD)


fandom question

hi, i tried looking for it in memories, googling, looked up profiles... i really didn't want to make a useless post like this but i had to know again! i read about it here a while back...

what's Envy's other name, the supposed real name which was christened by the fans as Wrath has been baptized with Moofy? i knew it started with an H...


(if this is really inappropriate, delete this entry but i hope i'd get mailed an answer ^^)
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Full Metal Alchemist Energy Drink

Three friends trying FMA Energy Drink for the first time. :oo

The redhead(Aimee) went to Hot Topic and saw the can, and being an intelligent girl, thought it would be a fun expierence to try it. So we did. :00

redhead: "It tastes so bad!" (off screen: wait till you get the after taste)
brunette: "bleh! that tastes so weird!"
blackhaired: -giggle-
brunette: "that's bad"

because my camera didn't have sound D:

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black haired

It was exciting ;D

I'm the brunette kthx. x0
[Legend of  Zelda] Camouflage

News about new FMA video games.

Hello, everyone! A couple of days ago, I got the August issue of NewType Magazine. On page 20 on this issue, there was an interesting column about FullMetal Alchemist video games.

"Square Enix's twin FullMetal Alchemist on the PlayStation 2 may not have stood out from the pack, but they were fun little bits of action that didn't disappoint fans of the show. Quite a few more FMA games have been released in Japan, but U.S. distributor FUNimation Entertainment has something else in mind. The company recently inked a deal with game developer Destineer Software to publish a new series of FullMetal games for a variety of video game platforms, with the first installments set for realese later this year.

Not much is known about these new FMA games, and Destineer's previous titles-- mostly war simulations and Macintosh ports--don't offer much in the way of hints. If they can bring something new to the realm of anime-license games, though, we're all for it. Visit www.fullmetal-alchemistgame.com for the latest."

Let's just hope that Destineer Software manages to make these new games good!
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