July 28th, 2006


[fic] Sweetness

Title: Sweetness
Characters: Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell
Rating: PG
Summary: A summer morning, crystallized in memory, takes an unexpected turn.
Timeline: Some sort of divergent future/AU, or possibly the manga future.
Warnings: Saccharine tendencies, shameless silly fluff of the sort I normally won't touch with a stick.
Thanks to: My unflappable beta, lady_tigerfish

Edward Elric was so damn theatrical about every trivial little thing in his life, that it still amazed Winry how casually he could drop a bombshell about something really important...

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Oh Ho hatachiin porn

LustxPride!Ed fanart

Title: Touched
Artist: edo_fangirl
Rating: NC-17...NOT WORKSAFE!!! XD
Notes: Finally!! My entry for the fma_fuh_q July challenge "Lust." *wails* My scanner broke, and between work and trying to fiddle with it in hopes of reviving the POS, my friend took pity on me and invited me over to use her's. *glomps Becca* Thank you hon!! And thank you to the mods, I swear to god that I won't be late next month. Promise!! Okay...on with notes about the actual piece of art... ^^;

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Ed - Scared

[pic] Count Alfons Dracula?

Not my fault.

So kaitou_marina and I were talking about how in one of our RPGs, Alfons seems to have taken a very deep affection toward Ed's neck. Then it got pointed out that, hey, they did meet in Transilvania, and besides, Mizushima did say that Alfons' parents were either Austrian or Romanian German, and hey! Alfons could be Vlad's descendant or something hahahaGASP OMGWTF you just bunnied me!

Yep, as usual.

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The Candy Man Can

100 Fullmetal Alchemist icons

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here are 100/100 of my claim on animanga100 @ greatestjournal;
Artist; the_wonkamatic
Fullmetal Alchemist {General Series}

I have a few rules if you would like to take any of these icons;

001; Credit is OPTIONAL, wether in keywords or icon comments.
002; Please comment when taking them, and with which ones you're taking. (I like to know what ideas are popular.)
003; DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT redistribute as your own.
004; Enjoy~

( Well I'm afraid that I, well I may have faked it. )

Fake cut to my journal because it's easier for me to keep track that way. Plus I didn't see it if it said they aren't allowed in the rules. >_>;
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Yay, icons!

New Theme(s): 01. Kiss, 19. Silence, 27. Happiness, 29. Food, 47. Keeping a Secret
# of icons in post: 5
# of icons completed total: 27/100
Credits: Here

And 30 more FMA icons!
[02] Alphonse
[06] Archer
[08] Edward
[01] Greed
[01] Havoc
[02] Lust
[01] Lust & Sloth
[04] Riza
[02] Roy
[01] Trisha
[01] Winry
[01] Winry, Pinako, Dean


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Fanfic: Forsan Et Haec (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Title: Forsan Et Haec
Fandom: FMA (manga version)
Character(s): Maria Ross
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG (for mild language)
Word Count: ~3300
Warnings: Spoilers for manga chapters 34-35 and 40-41.
A/N: Composed for the FullServiceFMA July 2006 "Uniform" Challenge, about which I was sure I'd have nothing to write. (Famous last words.) The Chinese proverbs are taken from Yuan Haiwang's dictionary thereof, which helpfully provides a pinyin romanization as well as a translation. The brief bursts of Mandarin in this piece are as correct as I could manage without a live beta to check them; emendations are not only welcomed but solicited. I have learned from previous 'fics to keep the foreign language material to a minimum and include translation notes at the end of the story. My thanks to evil_little_dog for research help in the matter of textiles -- any mistakes on that topic are of my own making, not hers. And, finally, I know Arakawa implies that Ross's parents live in the city, but maybe they're retired farmers or just visiting or something. Here, officer, have a look at my artistic license ... Crossposted from nebroadwe to Höllenbeck (i.e. fullservicefma, hagaren_manga, fm_alchemist, fma_gen, fma_writers, and fma_fiction).
Dedication: For Lance-Corporal Nathaniel Prentice of the Delaware Valley Pipes and Drums. Scots wha hae!


Sometimes it seemed that everything in Xing was an art. Writing. Eating -- at least she had finally mastered forking up rice with a pair of kuaizi, which brought her level with Mr. Fu's four-year-old great-grandniece.


I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd put this up. It's not finished. My first ever threesome and I just couldn't seem to find a position wher you could see all their expressions clearly. I'm not completely happy with Roy's expression and Ed seems too tall to me, but here it is. There will be much tweaking, cleaning up and inking, etc. before I'll call it done. I'm kinda at a standstill because my hands have been shaking so the last couple of weeks so I'm not sure when it'll be done. Anyway here it is.

Title : Mustang Sandwich ^_~
Pairing: Russel x Roy xEd
Artist (?): Chrstphrl
Rating: Definitely NC-17
Warnings: Threesome, graphic sex, Russel hiding behind Roy, messy line art

Not worksafe-Noway, no how.

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[art post] human!Al

I've been postponing Al's appearance on LJ until I colored him but, honestly, I completely lack the sort of motivation to do so. XD

Plus. I think he looks alright the way he is. So I might not ever color him. :D

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Concrit appreciated :D
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[seal] I'm an egg

[pics] Fullmetal Stands

Well, since these two characters have been all but completely written out of the FMA manga, I decided to draw them.

The characters I'm talking about are Maria Ross and Jean Havoc (seriously, Havoc hasn't shown up for more than ONE PANEL for the past two, three chapters *mutters*)

But since I'm also completely into JoJo's Bizarre Adventures...I gave them Stands (for those of you who don't know Stands, think Guardian Forces or Summons of "Final Fantasy," or something like a spiritual familiar, and you'll be close). And made Standcest.

So, um, yeah. MIGHT NOT BE TOO WORKSAFE, just to be safe. Cuz hands are where they're not supposed to be, really. That, and other parts. yeah.

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