July 25th, 2006

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Fanart dump ^^;

Hey y'all. This is my first time posting in the comm. (that I can remember) so I thought I'd go ahead and dump some fanart on y'all.

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Anywho, yeah...just thought I'd like to share that with y'all. ~From your neighborhood friendly InuChan~
FMA - Brothers "By Your Side"

Fan Art #2: The Elric Brothers: 'Fulfilled Wishes'

Fan Art #2: The Elric Brothers: 'Fulfilled Wishes'

A Fact of life:

Sometimes a sketch you like a lot may somehow end up on a media you would rather not have experienced.  In this case: a sketch on a sheet of junk printer paper just called out to be inked... then markered... then touched up... 4x8 inches, and my second real "fan art."  :)  I still am trying to get a handle on this whole "anime" thing, so bare with me. 


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There's something special and sacred about the bond possible between people, and the "bond" between the Elric brothers just makes me smile so much.  

I'd ask that if you are interested in doing anything with this image, that you ask permission first before you do anything.  Thanks so much!


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Revolutionary Boy Evangelion

No talk of meetings?

I just realized that there are only ten days until Otakon, but there's been no mention of any kind of photoshoot. Is there a scheduled FMA photoshoot for Otakon this year? I know we had one Friday and Saturday mornings last year, but what about this time around? It seems like Hellsing and Trinity Blood are sort of owning the fountains on Saturday morning, so perhaps Friday?
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Sakura Silk - refreshisama

Movie Listings!

FUNimationFilms.com has begun posting the list of theaters that will be showing Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conquerer of Shamballa here. The site says that they're still adding theaters, so if you don't see a city near you listed, be sure to check back often!

Also, as another random tidbit, according to www.animenation.com, the movie won the audience award for Best Animated Film at the 2006 Fantasia Film Festival.

Look forward to it! <3

EDIT: Apparently FUNimation has decided to mess with our heads and has taken the list down for the time being. Perhaps it's being updated with more cities? Only time will tell.
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Hey, All~! ^^

Upon [desperately] searching for Ling/Ran Fan fanfiction the other night, I noticed that these two were lacking a C2 on fanfiction.net. So ... I made one. Yup. I did. And I need help with the archive. :D

I have done searches for Ling/Ran Fan fanfiction, but have only found two others on ff.net aside from my own. I know that there has to be more than this. So, I'm asking people to send me Ling/Ran Fan fanfiction on fanfiction.net that you would like to see in the C2. :D

Fanfiction.net C2: Prince and Servant

And there it is. :D So, yeah. If you have ANY fanfiction reccomendations for this C2, PLEASE let me know! :D

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If this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete.
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Sanami Matoh is my GOD

RP Ad. ::is shot::

( omg!fullmetal alchemist - an fma crack role-play )
- - - - yes, that's right, it's still running - - - -

After a whole year of operation, omg_alchemist is still in full swing, and still seeking new applicants for characters! Created in the style originated by other "omg" role-plays, this RP features both in character and out of character versions of every member of the FMA cast, major and minor. With a character list ranging from an Al with a love for turtles and trendy dresses to a Noah who likes riding her moose, we're about as cracky as they come.

There are a lot of important character spots up for grabs -- (Pretty much every single homunculus, with the exception of OOC!Envy and IC!Gluttony. and a chalkload of Military people) -- and we're seeking RPers! Though this RP has a pretty long history, we love welcoming new players and characters to the community. We don't expect any previous experience with role-playing (on LJ or otherwise), and the light atmosphere is suitable for new RPers -- all we ask for is creativity and a willingness to have fun. The RP is open to all FMA pairings -- including any het/slash pairings -- and contains some adult content, so if you're easily offended you might want to stay back. However...

If you want to come and join the fun, check out the community! The community is omg_alchemist; in-depth information on the community can be found at the userinfo and information on joining the fun can be found at the first post. We hope to see you soon! :D

Online FMA game on Adult Swim

Was going to Adult Swim's page to see if there was a scedule change since FMA didn't air last night/this morning [yet their schedule says it did...] when I found out they have a new Sudoku type game for Fullmetal Alchemist.  I just got it to load.  You have to make a transmutation circle using the 6 symbols they give you and you can't have them repeat in the same section, spoke, or ring.  I'm a dummy when it comes to any type of game so it's VERY hard for me and I have not succeeded so far.  I like the music and the fact that Ed sweatdrops when I mess up.  Here's the link:  FMA SUDOKU
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More crack fan art (attention those who made requests)

My hand is hurting too much to type a lot and make alot of little clickable thumbnails tonight, so I'm linking you straight to the Crack!gallery. You can see all the new crack here, plus all the old crack, and nothing but crack crack crack since I made it it's own gallery.

New crack includes:
* Armstrong, flexin', as a MLP request
* Bradley as a Care Bear request (this pic was largley inspired by the "Five Sword Style" in the back of manga 7... it's not the Care Stare, but the Care Sword!)
* Ed and Roy MLP reqs, Ed tries to best Roy - will he EVER learn?
* Izumi as a MLP request
* Roy again, as a Care Bear Cousin (salamander). still didn't come out the way I wanted. Though as my fave char I doubt he ever will.
* Scar as a Pound Puppy request
* Envy goes palm tree
* Ed decides to transmute his arm into Cloud's Fusion Swords... I think I need to redo this 1 and spend a bit more time on it, cause if done right it might actually be funny :)

I am Grygon, and I am a crackaholic.

I'm not taking any more requests for now, but I will take suggestions and if I do draw them then I will give you credit as if it were a request. So lay them on me!